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Use of boron and its derivatives for the treatment of muscular dystrophies

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A Spanish research centre has developed a new treatment for muscular dystrophies based on the administration of boron or a compound of boron, They seek license, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreements with both the industry and academia.



This research networking center gathers some of the main Spanish research groups in biomedicine, located in more than 100 institutions as universities, hospitals and technological centers distributed around the country.
The new technology introduces an innovative strategy to control cell microenvironments at molecular level for the treatment of muscular dystrophies.
Boron is an essential metalloid, which plays a key role in plants and animal metabolisms. It has been reported that boron is involved in bone mineralization, has some uses in synthetic chemistry and its potential has been only recently exploited in medicinal chemistry. Little is known about boron homeostasis and function in animal cells. It has been reported that boron is involved in mouse myogenic differentiation.
Boron and its derivatives can be used as therapeutic systems for muscular dystrophies for which currently no successful treatment has been obtained, for example, Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and myotonic dystrophy (DM).
DMD is a progressive and lethal disease, caused by X-linked mutations of the dystrophin encoding gene. The lack of dystrophin leads to weakness, degeneration, and consequent fibrosis in skeletal and cardiac muscles. Nowadays, there is no cure for DMD patients.
They are looking to establish license, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreements.

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DM is a dominantly inherited neuromuscular disorder (rare disease) for which currently there is no cure or effective treatment. Several therapeutic approaches have been tested, although with no clear success.

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Under development/lab tested

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Patent ready for licensing-out via license agreements. They are seeking industrial partners, either Biotech or Pharma, to: - enter into preclinical R&D collaboration (in vitro and/or in vivo drug testing) - Further development until clinical proof-of-concept Besides, the research center is looking for R&D institutions to establish technical cooperation agreements or research cooperation agreements.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500