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User-configurable Internet of Things (IoT) software suite

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A Singapore SME has developed a new generation IoT software suite which takes away the complexity of coding and extensive set up of various IoT modules. Industry-agnostic, the full-stack platform is fully operational and maintained without any form of coding, providing users with a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to configure all features such as sensor logic and manage post-deployment cost. The SME seeks to partner SMEs or MNEs via licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Most IoT or cloud-based solutions require extensive software coding, prior programming skills and trained manpower to maintain the system.

The Singapore SME has developed a full stack, IoT software suite solution with a self-configurable feature that removes the complex developmental work, allowing users to focus on their core product and services. Even post-deployment, the DIY and self-configurable approach allows users to save on the additional cost or effort required for software modifications or sensor re-setup.

The industry-agnostic platform provides a seamless IoT software suite with potential applications in the areas of:

• Smart cities
• Smart housing
• Smart farming
• Environmental monitoring
• Health monitoring

The IoT engine has been tested and deployed in a 24/7 real-time monitoring environment.

The Singapore SME is keen to partner MNEs or SMEs of any sizes on the following types of partnerships:

i) Licensing agreement where the partner could license the technology and further develop it to introduce it to its customers.

ii) Commercial agreement with technical assistance where the Singapore SME would provide support in installation and maintenance of the transferred technology.

Advantages & innovations

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The IoT software suite features the following advantages and innovations: 1. Self-configurable by users All features are definable and programmable by the end user including: Device Management Module • Sensor type, location and quantity • Sensor logic: configurable threshold value, etc Communication Module • Common gateway command (ACK, RES, WHITELIST etc) • Configurable through dialog box • Agnostic to any gateway brand Assets Module • Definition of deployment site • Structure site to sensor relationship Database Module • Auto-definition of database structure based on Assets Module • Download or export for additional off-line analytics Alarm Module • Definition of alarm schedule • Definition of alarm logic 2. Complete user front and back end It is a full stack software suite designed to support DIY user input and manage post-deployment operational changes. 3. No software coding required Providing a non-coding environment for all controls, user features include: • User Map Editor: a click-and-drop graphic interface to show the location of sensors and equipment • Alarm pop-up and audio cues • Sensor registration and de-registration • Data trends • Sensor summary window • Sensor control and status (on-line, off-line, low battery)

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Available for demonstration

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The Singapore SME is keen to establish licensing agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance with SMEs of all sizes or MNEs. The partner could be a systems integrator or an industry player in the sensors, IoT, engineering or infocomm technology space.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500