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Various stationery accessories and educational games for children offered for distribution.

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A Bulgarian SME established in 2001, manufacturer of various educational games for children and also various accessories for students seeks distributors across EU. The company also offers manufacturing agreements for the production of such games/accessories with the desired logo and texts of the client.



The SME from Bulgaria, Varna region, established in 2001, specializes in the production of high quality educational
games for children and also various accessories for students. The company has a wide variety of games and accessories.

The games and accessories are designed to be engaging to play and use and to assist with the learning and development of children through improving their dexterity, logical thinking, knowledge about colors, numbers, letters and hand-eye co-ordination.

The various games encourage the end user to discover shape, colors and numbers, test their memories, improve their
skills and inspire their imagination. The accessories for young students include numbers, letters, plastic cups for
drawing, plastic sticks and abacus.

The company uses the finest quality materials from reputable suppliers from the EU and strives to source from the most
ethical, safe and ecologically sound sources available.

At the moment all products are available in Bulgarian language. Other language versions could be prepared as well.

Product list:
Chalk: Round white chalk, cylindrical white chalk, Round chalk - seven colors, cylindrical chalk - seven colors;

Plasticine: Brocaded plasticine, Board with blade and plasticine, Hot to modeling with plasticine;

Simple clay, white clay, red clay, modeling clay

Tempera paints, watercolor paints (12 colors);

Games for children:
Hobby Game - Childhood memories, Carnival mask, Ceramic figurines, House for painting, Ceramic house – colored,
Ceramic figures – Christmas tree, DIY - Decoration, Cases with ceramic figurines, Sand drawing;

Entertaining games:
I can count, Domino, Words game, Game 4 in 1, Constructor, Mathematical cubes, Mini Bingo, Mosaic - 64 elements,
Mosaic with numbers and letters, Backgammon pieces;

Students accessories:
Letters, Numbers, Board with a knife, Plastic cups for drawing, Plastic sticks, Abacus.

The company seeks distributors who are interested in long term cooperation. The company also offers manufacturing agreement for production of such games and accessories and to produce them with the desired logo and text of the client.

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- More than 12 years on the market - Usage of high-tech equipment - Usage of eco-friendly materials - Effective quality control system - The products are evaluated according to the EU Directives - The company is a member of the Bulgarian Association of the manufacturers and importers of games and toys.

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Already on the market

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1) Distribution agreement under which the company is looking for distributors for its products mainly in the educational and entertaining industry. The goal of this cooperation is to establish medium or long-term partnership with distributor who will buy and sell products of the Bulgarian company. 2) Manufacturing agreement under which the company offers to manufacture certain products with specifications of the client. The aim of this type of cooperation is to establish a partnership in the frame of which the Bulgarian company offers its production capacities for company which has developed a product and is looking for manufacturer.