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Virtual, augmented and mixed reality services for the tourism, education, healthcare or construction sectors through subcontracting agreements

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A Spanish company is specialised in the development of virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications for the tourism, education, healthcare and construction sectors. They offer infographics and video 360º, 3D models, architectural rendering and virtual and augmented reality services. The company offers subcontracting agreements to companies from Europe and associated countries interested in contracting its services and receiving assistance and support in the mentioned fields.



A Spanish company is specialised in the development of communication strategies and interactive applications in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. They offer productions with a high level of graphic quality and realism, paying attention to every detail. Their main services include virtual, augmented and mixed reality, serious games, 3D modelling, 360º video and image and interactive experiences. The applications are addressed to a wide range of sectors such as education, culture, architecture, communication, industrial processes, tourism... For instance, for the tourism sector they are able to make historical recreations that allow visitors to enter the past, or for the construction sector they are able to replace pilot floors with virtual ones in order to allow buyers to edit materials or furniture in their future homes.

The company’s products aim at reducing training time, increasing work efficiency, improving the visualization and accessibility of data and enriching the message of the brand, saving high production costs to their customers.

The company is looking for subcontracting agreements with companies interested in their services for developing virtual, augmented or mixed reality applications.

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The main advantage of the company’s services is the realism, since they create photorealistic 3D environments and simulate identical interactions and actions than those carried out in real life. They also suggest improvements to their customers, bringing the technology to the next level. Company staff is highly qualified in 3D, videogame programming and virtual reality.

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- Type of partner sought: Companies. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Any sector where virtual, augmented or mixed reality applications might be useful, such as tourism, education, healthcare or construction. - Task to be performed: To subcontract the company’s services according to client’s specifications, with assistance and support of the company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10