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Virtual Reality company seeks services agreement to share its VR training capability and technology

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This innovative simulation and virtual reality studio is based in the UK. They develop full motion simulators for boats, cars and planes and have the ability to create immersive CAVE systems which are able to replicate specific, detailed and realistic environments for training in 3D. They are looking for partners in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden. This company can create the required software through a services agreement



This UK company creates bespoke virtual training environments for a range of industries, from games & creative industries to the military industry that require full motion simulators; this can be used for boat, Car or flight / combat training.

This company specialises in creating a unique system that fits into an existing space using 3 or 4 screens to replicate a realistic virtual environment (also known as a CAVE system). To enhance the realism, this company has developed technology that enables these systems to be utilised with full gesture controls in a bid to support the training. In addition to this, the company can write the software to enable all this and create the programmes from scratch.

The use of smart glasses and it's blending of Augmented Reality and virtual reality through their systems enables far more flexibility and realism to deliver training at the point of need.

This company seeks a services agreement which is envisioned as follows:

The company would create the software required, but all maintenance, creation of the system and support of the base programme, and any further development would be conducted by the buyer. This allows the partner to build on the software as required.

As in the summary, this company is only interested in clients from The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway & Sweden.

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Due to the cost effective way that this company builds its services, it allows organisations and companies to: - Save money on training. - Replicate dangerous environments more realistically for training. - Increased realism and therefore training efficiency through the use of AI and Smart Glasses. - An infinite number of potential training scenarios can be created through their system.

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Already on the market

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The partner that this company is looking for would benefit from the use of a VR training component to any role that needs doing. The basic premise of this product is that it is suitable for any company that is looking to reduce training costs through VR. This can range from lower-cost flight simulator training (the company already has experience in this), or it could be the coastguard / rescue service piloting of sea-going vessels - potentially even for automotive pursuits such as gaining knowledge of race tracks through VR. The possibilities are endless. In terms of the type of partnership this is how it would be expected to look moving forward: The company would create the software required, but any further development would be conducted by the buyer (or through another agreement with our company), allowing them to build on the software as required.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden