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In vitro platform for cosmetic ingredients and novel formulations

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A Spanish biotechnology company has developed an in vitro platform to test ingredients or novel cosmetic formulations. The company offers competitive prices and quality service. They are looking for companies or research groups in the cosmetic fields with whom to establish services agreements or technical cooperation agreements.



The Spanish biotechnology company is an emergent and international cosmetic firm focused on the development of novel dermocosmetics based on natural products. They own a biotechnological platform designed to screen and combine natural ingredients in order to generate novel IP protected dermocosmetic products with synergistic activities.The platform is an in vitro multiparametric platform that includes 30 key dermocosmetic targets. Novel targets are always on the process of validation to be included in this platform. Therefore, a comprehensive screening system has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skin care products development. The company has tested and validated a large library of bioactive dermocosmetic ingredients (pure compounds and phytochemically well-defined phytoextracts) obtained through engagement (partnering and collaboration agreements) with selected benchmark companies.
The company is also supported by a Scientific Advisory Board integrated by scientists with a strong academic and business background in biomedical research and cosmetic development.
The team provides technological support for the development of novel cosmetic and skin care products and is looking for companies or research groups with whom to establish services or technological cooperation agreements.

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The company┬┤s main competitive advantage is the cosmetic platform , based on cosmetic pathways, that includes 30 molecular targets which could be used separately or together. Thanks to the agreements they have established with other companies and universities, the company can offer competitive prices and high quality services.

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The company is looking for other companies or research groups who are developing cosmetic and skin care products and need to test their biological activity. The type of partnerships the company would consider are services agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,251-500,SME 51-250