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Waste heat recovery unit offered for licensing

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The Czech researches has developed a waste heat recovery unit for wastewater treatment plant operation based on the principle of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which uses waste heat from flue gas originated from gas engines and converts it into electrical energy. The technology is offered on the basis of a license agreement.



Cogeneration units are used as sources of electricity and heat in many buildings and usually run on natural gas where waste heat is generated as by-product.

Using the disclosed ORC unit, some of the unusable heat can be converted into electrical energy, which can be used in the enterprise itself or can be sold to the grid (up to 10 kWe).

Specifically, ORC equipment can be used to treat waste heat such as diesel engines and gas turbines, landfill gas a biogas´s engines, in industrial processes in metal processing, cement and glass, and last but not least in cogeneration units installed in waste water treatment plants.

Czech researches offer technology specifically designed for the needs of wastewater treatment plants. The prototype unit generates electricity and thus reduces the so-called self-consumption of cogeneration gas engines, thereby increasing their electrical efficiency. The technology is designed for the use of waste heat generated as by-product of industrial and energy processes where waste heat energy is dissipated (equipment designed for higher outputs about 120 kW in heat).

The simple design allows low purchase costs, makes this device suitable for mass production and ultimately increases reliability, as the individual components are easy to replace and repair. The unit is fully automatic and placed in a container.

The disclosed technology is offered for commercial installation on the basis of a license agreement.

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The offered recovery unit produces electrical power (up to 10 kWe) from waste heat using flue gas originated from gas engines. Multiple units can be wired in a single project which combined with their easy installation allows to achieve the desired overall performance. The developed unit has the following advantages over currently available technologies: - Simple equipment (low costs) - Container design – easy and quick installation - Compact design – contains all the necessary systems for operation - Easy service - Remote diagnostics and the control - Affordable technical support in a short time - Low legislative load when permitting installation

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Prototype available for demonstration

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Partner sought would be interested in licensing disclosed technology for exercising intellectual property rights and know-how and in manufacturing, selling, renting or developing products manufactured using this intellectual property rights and know-how.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500