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Water treatment with low frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to remove biofilms from water pipes to achieve a very high level of biosecurity for livestock farming.

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A Swiss SME with expertise in water treatment has developed a game changing technology for removing biofilms in drinking water pipes for livestock farming, achieving key benefits for animal health and wellbeing. The water treatment technology is using very low frequency electromagnetic resonance fields. Neither chemical nor biological products are used. The SME is seeking applied research partners from the agronomy sector interested to test the technology in the frame of a research cooperation.



Population growth, climate change and limitations of natural resources mean that agriculture must become more productive, efficient and environmentally sound.
Most of the branches of agricultural industry are aimed at the production of qualitative, safe and a wide range of products, and this is particularly relevant in livestock farming. One of the potential sources of animal infection is water, through which pathogens can be transferred to all the animals on a farm. It is therefore absolutely imperative that animals receive water of good quality.
Water is a vitally important substance which is not only a neutral solvent of various substances but is also related to the processes of digestion, nutrient absorption as well as excretion of metabolism products. Moreover, water metabolism in the body is closely related to the metabolism of mineral substances.
Seeking to reduce microbial contamination of water, producers treat drinking water of animals with various chemical substances. These substances – including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, organic acids, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc. - affect water only at a certain temperature and at a certain pH of water. They are efficient only for a limited period. Afterwards, the procedures must be repeated, requiring additional costs, time and labour.
Research has determined that a significant cause of common infectious diseases is biofilm developed inside water supply pipes. This is a breeding ground for propagating microorganisms, surrounded by the slime they secrete and attached to the inert surface or floating in water. A biofilm consists of water, bacteria, suspended solids, products of corrosion, algae, yeasts/moulds, protozoa and molluscs. More than 99 % of all bacteria live in a biofilm community.

The Swiss SME offering the technology is at the forefront of water treatment technology using very low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields. They are present in many economic sectors, i.e. in the treatment of sanitary water, drinking water treatment for livestock farming and agriculture.

The technology offered is an innovative electromagnetic (EM) water treatment for removing biofilms in drinking water in livestock farming, achieving key benefits for animal health and wellbeing.

The Innovative water treatment with low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields has been validated in poultry farming raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat or eggs, as well as in pig, cow and horse farming. This has been validated in countries including Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Israel, Turkey, United States and Brazil. The positive effects of the technology are supported by relevant scientific studies and by validations with end users in different sectors.

Partnership is sought with research centres open to testing new smart technologies designed to face issues around waterborne diseases in food production.

The Swiss SME is interested in joint applications for European research projects, i.e. Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

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The brilliant combination of advantages provided by this innovative water treatment with low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields are related to the modification of the properties of water. Value Proposition: - Permanent elimination of biofilms - Elimination and prevention of scaling, iron and manganese deposits - Improved dissolution of additives and medicines - Does not use chemical or biological products Moreover, the proposed water treatment technology consumes very low amount of energy (~1 Wh/m3), needs a minimum maintenance and no consumables necessities (~ 0 €/m3). Currently, the only available alternatives on the market for the physical treatment of water are magnets. Permanent magnets (only magnetic field, no electric field) are a system with limited efficacy and therefore a technology with no significant results in many cases.

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The specific area of activity of the partner: Research institutes or universities in Animal Production / Husbandry, Aquaculture, Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology, Biocontrol The tasks to be performed by the partner sought: Perform experiments with the innovative water treatment using low frequency electromagnetic resonance fields for removing biofilms in drinking water pipes in livestock farming, achieving key benefits for animal health and wellbeing. The main goal is to validate the key benefits in various animal husbandry conditions as encountered in different countries.

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University,R&D Institution


Water treatment with low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields.