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Waterproof and biodegradable material technologies sought for horticulture application

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Properties of Materials, Corrosion/Degradation
Lightweight materials
Biobased materials
Clean Production / Green Technologies
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Garden and horticultural products
Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials


A French SME active in the field of horticulture is looking for new technologies to improve the sustainability of their product. In particular they are interested by a material with waterproof and biodegradable properties to be used for water tanks on the one hand and also by a coating fully natural making wood waterproof. A technical coperation with a partner able to provide relevant material or coating is sought.



This French SME is developing and manufacturing different products for the horticulture sector including horticulture containers which one can commonly find in private gardens.

These containers are mostly made out of wood and contain embedded water tanks.
Currently they used recyclable materials made of polypropylene for these small water tanks.

The company is particularly concerned by environmental issues and sustainable development both for societal and marketing purposes. Therefore it would like to improve its product and is therefore looking for two new technologies
- one material technology able to substitute to polypropylene which would be both waterproof and biodegradable (in the longer term)
- one coating technology, fully natural, which would make wood totally waterproof.

The company is looking for already developed material technology which could then be adapted to its product through a technical cooperation.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
Substitution material (to Polypropylene) should have the following characteristics : - biodegradable or compostable - tear resistant - waterproof - based on natural components - moulded or formable - with similar production costs as with polypropylene. The products to be developped with this materials have a cylindric shape with roughly 16 cm diameter and 15 cm height. The coating sought should have the following characteristics: - scratch resistant - made of 100% natural products - making wood fully waterproof - food quality compliant - easy to apply and with no drying time Treatment processing should be very competitive in price Surfaces to be treated are concave and have cylindric shape

Stage of development

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Field tested/evaluated

Partner sought

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Type : ideally a company developing new environmentally friendly materials, possibly a research institute Role : providing the material or coating and co-developping with the company the process to apply for their own product

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,251-500,SME 51-250,>500