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Web and mobile application for companies to communicate with their employees offered under commercial agency agreement

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A Czech programming company has developed a web and mobile application for communication between an employer and its employees. This is a smart HR (Human Resource Department) mobile app that supports corporate culture and corporate communication and thus has a positive effect on work. The company is looking for a partner that operates in the field of improving communication and strengthening awareness of employees and wishes to establish cooperation under commercial agency agreement.



The Czech company has developed a smart application which allows simple communication between the company and its employees. This application enables to communicate across the whole company/holding. It is advantageous to use the application if the company has several branches or subsidiaries in different locations or to use it for communication with the workers who do not have the permanent e-mail access or account.

The modular application allows the use of one or more of the following modules:
Push message from employer
• to inform employees about news in the company, planned changes, important information about audits, requests for recruitment assistance (links to job vacancies + sharing links), KPI (Key Performance Indicators) reports and workplace performance results, answers to employee questions, etc.

Push question from employer
• to ask employees at any time needed, make satisfaction surveys, let employees book for shifts and events in their smartphone, get opinions on topics, make fun guessing and knowledge contest, etc.

• If company needs to obtain information from employees forms are here to help. There are several forms already predefined in the application, all of them can be customised according to the requirements. Forms allow to:
* report a hall problem or dysfunction of machines and processes;
* report change to HR department (change of account, insurance company, …);
* report incapacity for work, vacation, sick-day, traveller with the possibility to take a photo of the application;
* inquiries about HR / inquiries about employers;
* report changes;
* make regular reporting of production data;
* make improvement proposals.

The Czech developer is ready to build any tailor-made form according to the customers' wishes.

• Other functions:
* application TV – displaying info-content on corporate TVs and displays;
* food ordering system;
* HTML intranet pages (made in web back-office, displayed in mobile application or application TV)
* many other useful functions upon request.

The representatives of the company are looking for new business partners under commercial agency agreement who will introduce this application to new markets. The company offers online support and special conditions for its partners.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
• Eases mutual communication between the managers and employees throughout the company • Works as a web platform and mobile app as well; for mobile phones it works in Android and iOS • According to surveys among employers already using this app, there are positive side effects of proper use: employee satisfaction, reduction of fluctuation of employees • Multilingual version – currently available in English, German, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak and Czech • Opportunity to try out the fill features in the demo version • Complies with the GDPR law • The application can be linked to the HR system – enables to provide employees with information about their attendance, holiday, etc. and to share the payslip. • Regular updates

Partner sought

Cooperation area: 
The Czech company is looking for a partner that operates in the field of improving communication and strengthen awareness of employees and wishes to establish cooperation under commercial agency agreement. The target groups are HR specialists, HR employment agencies, headhunters, IT services providers and other companies focused on communication with employees. The company offers online support for its partners.

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SME 11-50,University,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


homepage screenshot (examples in English, German and Czech languages with different modules)