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Web application with AI for biomechanical analysis in physiotherapy and podiatry

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A Spanish company has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) application for biomechanical analysis. Using data about age, weight, height, normal activity and symptoms, it combines the information and shows several diagnosis and treatments. The company searches partners via a financial agreement to launch it to the market. It is also open to technical and/or research cooperation agreement in order to develop new applications.



A small and young Spanish company has developed a web application with AI (Artificial Intelligence) for biomechanical analysis, to help health professionals in diagnosing and treating the problems of all kind of patients -children, adults and the elderly-, mainly related to posture and gait biomechanics.

After fifteen years of experience in the health sector, working hand by hand with podiatrists and physiotherapists, the company has developed this first web application to assist biomechanical specialists, mainly physiotherapists, podiatrists, rehabilitators and sports doctors.

The application helps to make decisions for the diagnosis taking as relevant data the age, weight, main activity and reasons for the consultation. The algorithms introduced in its programming propose specific examinations so that the professional can more accurately determine the diagnoses and their treatments.

It identifies complex patterns, generating exploration protocols according to the presented variables to offer the possible diagnoses and treatments that approximate most closely to the results of the anamnesis and exploration.

Via machine learning, the application learns from the experience of the users. A team of experts controls that the learning line is correct so that the results are provided increasingly fast and more and more accurate.

The technology is designed to be managed from any device (personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) with an internet connection.

The company would like to find partners with the financing capacity to support the marketing of the product and its positioning in the market via a financial agreement.

And another collaboration they envisage is a technical and/or
research agreement with partners that could improve their product, develop new diagnostic tests and implement external measurement tools linked to the application through an API (Application Programming Interfaces).

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- The web application is designed to be a monthly subscription service offering health professionals a system that saves consultation time and reduces possible human errors. - Having all the data arranged and at hand allows them to make statistics on the most common pathologies, diagnoses and treatments in their consultations and compare them with the rest of the world. - It combines the information of the explorations and shows four diagnosis ordered per certainty. The application provides the best treatment for the chosen diagnostic performed by the biomechanical specialist.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company is interested in partners with investment capacity and which contributes with its knowledge to improve the product. The roles to be accomplished by the partners in the collaborations expected are: - Support the marketing of the product and its positioning in the market - Carry out research to improve the product - Open lines of research for new tests and diagnostic tests - Implement external measurement tools linked to the application through an API (Application Programming Interfaces)

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250