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Web/mobile application for marinas, yachters & skippers supporting e-booking services, navigational & parking assistance features and mobile guidance to the nearby coastal areas.

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A Greek SME has developed an innovative solution transforming a regular marina into a 'Smart' one. The company provides a digital platform to serve the yachting communities around the world. The solution aspires to be the ultimate travel companion for yachters and skippers through features such as e-booking, navigational and parking assistance and mobile guidance to the nearby coastal areas. The client looks for marinas and small ports, for commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Docking in a marina, especially a crowded one, can be a challenging experience. Moreover, marina administrators during high-season face major problems in managing the yachts berthing, while in most of the cases a traditional booking service seems to be insufficient and complicated.

The solution provided by the Greek SME is a web/mobile application which combines different technologies and services to a powerful & realtime platform that hosts multiple yachting marinas, connecting them with the yachting community.
The following state-of-the-art technologies are integrated resulting into the suggested application:
-A multi-purpose group of sensors is installed in the marina for monitoring the status of the berth spaces, measuring the sea level & water quality and observing the weather conditions.

-A cloud based infrastructure is exploited for serving a large number of marinas, maximizing the scalability and availability of the system, providing real time services and enhanced management features.

-Pricing policies and intimate e-booking services are provided through the mobile app or the web site, supporting berth selection according to preferences (price range, period, special offers) and tracking of the booking requests and activities.

These services are facilitated through the installation of different types of sensors (ultrasound, meteorological, water quality, sea level measurement etc.) which collect data and monitor the conditions within the marina in real-time.

The client looks for marinas interested in installing the proposed solution. The partner should give access to the marina and support the installation of the system (grid sensors). The type of contract sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages & innovations

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The application provides a number of advantages for both yachters and marinas. Yachters: •One-stop shop service for finding the marinas of their choice and planning easily their yachting journey •Easy to use mobile booking via web or mobile phone (both Android and Ios) (stylish design, single tap book) •Connectivity: Instant communication with marinas •Navigation: Parking assistance services •Push notifications: real time information for weather or incidents •Local authentic experience: Connects yachters with the local area and services offered by the local market (e.g. points of interest, services and provisions offered by the marina etc) Μarinas •No sign up or subscription costs when joining •Increased sales across channels: provision of an additional channel to the world market, increasing booking reservation capabilities •Reduced marketing costs compared to other marketing channels •Enhanced trustworthiness: Listing the marina in the digital platform enhances the visibility and trust between marinas and yachters •Increased bookings via mobiles: Mobile bookings of travel trips are currently growing ten times faster than traditional ones •Real time data, user reviews, daily management reports

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The Greek company looks for marinas and small ports interested in installing the proposed solution. The partner should give access to the marina and support the installation of the system (grid sensors). The type of collaboration is commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500