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A well established Slovak ICT company offers remote monitoring and control system usable e.g. in production processes and is looking for distributors

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The Slovak company is very active internationally and cooperates with many foreign clients. The company solves complex technical problems of their clients and works on technically challenging projects across all the industry sectors. The company offers a system for remote monitoring and control devices, which could be used e.g. in production processes. The company is looking for business partners to cooperate with via commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.



Slovak company offers remote monitoring and control system for technological devices of various types. Monitoring, control and communication unit in its modifications is designed to monitor the status and to control various types of technological devices. It serves as a microcontroller or PLC (programmable logic controller). The monitoring part is gathering data about particular technological devices, decides in real-time about control and regulation algorithms,records important operational data and according to the character of the application is sending this information to the superior control system. Such a control and visualization system can be a spectrum of remote server extensions with web access or SCADA (Supervisory Control and data Acquisition) system extensions, with which it is possible to be connected using a wide variety of communication technologies. A web portal is designed to display measured data in clear tabular and graphical form. It is possible to set desired
time period in the calendar, for which the data should be displayed. The portal also offers the overview of the history
of failures.

Use cases:
• Monitoring of technological systems
• Monitoring and control of machines – their utilization, consumption, failures
• Refrigeration, heating, boiler monitoring, air conditioning, humidity control
• Management of sewerage plants, monitoring of filters quality, flow, water level, water purity, sediment concentration, other more complex systems, where the legislative requires to have regular maintenance
• Monitoring of systems in energy sector
• Management of production processes and devices
• Systems for intelligent homes and buildings - heating, lighting, security
• Other according to the client´s needs

Technical parameters include following:
Power supply
• main 230 V power supply
• back-up power supply from external 12 V power supply
• possibility to supply power to the external sensors by shared voltage, 12 V
• 4x binary monitoring of 230 V inputs – monitoring of voltage presence, device states, monitoring of external
devices, states etc.
• 1x low impedance monitoring of 4 – 20 mA current loop – sensors of pressure, temperature, various values
• 6x 12 V analogue inputs for monitoring of status of external devices - connection of sensors of various
types – thermometers, flow meters, pressure meters, impulse counters, presence of objects
• 3x non-potential relay output, 230 V, max. 16 A - controlling of other technologies, switching and connecting of technologies
• 2x output for switching by open collector, 12 V
• 2x output for direct LED (Light Emitting Diode) driving, 10 mA
Other parts
• built-in one-phase 230 V electric meter
• GSM (Global system for mobile) communicator, data transfer through CSD (Circuid Switched Data), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), SMS, with MicroSIM reader
Data recorder
• internal built – in 2 MB flash memory
• possibility to insert MicroSD memory card
Other properties
• ethernet interface – internet access, interconnection with SCADA systems
• RS485 (communication standard) – expansion systems, external intelligent sensors etc.
• real time clock backed-up by built-in battery
• firmware update from MicroSD card
• remote update of firmware of the device
• microUSB connector for device maintenance access
• 4x universal diagnostic LED
• 1x diagnostic LED for MicroSD card operation
• IP20

The company is looking for partners who would like to cooperate with via commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement. These types of cooperation were selected, because the reseller has the absolute freedom in choosing how he wants to provide the selling. On the other hand, the Slovak company has advantage of lower costs (no need of additional employees, larger office spaces, etc). Preferably they are looking for a complex reseller, from the acquisition of clients up to the aftersales services.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
One of the biggest advantages is the complete flexibility of the system. It can be customized according to the needs of the client. It could be mentioned, that there are several similar solutions on the market. On the other hand, as the Slovak company has developed the offered solution inhouse, it has the absolute control over it, and, as mentioned already, the Slovak company is able to modify the solution offered according to the specific needs of every single client. This fact is a added value of the offered system - compared to dealer companies, who are forced to sell only the products without any modifications.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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The company is looking for business partners to cooperate with via commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. Field of activity of partner: no preference, any field of industry, but preferably somebody with software/ICT background. Type of partner sought: distibutors, resellers, agents The Slovak company is preferably looking for a complex reseller, from the acquisition of clients up to the aftersales services. This reseller will have absolute freedom in managing its activities, into which Slovak company will not interfere. The company is offering technical documents and manuals, marketing materials and other help (except financial) and is offering the complete product itself for lucrative wholesale prices with big room for margin of the reseller. The partner decides how he organizes his activities, what prices will he offer to the end clients, how will he promote the product etc. Thus, the reseller does the business on his own expense and risk. That means that the reseller will be in relation to the Slovak company as an independent subject both legally and financially. Main activities of the reseller include: • Acquisition of new resellers (sub-resellers) and end clients • Complex management of the business case, from the initial contact with the client up to the selling itself • Communication with sub-resellers and end clients • Complex care of the sub-resellers and end clients • Creation of promotional campaigns • Aftersales services for the end clients • Technical support for the end clients • Optional: creation of new use cases for the product On the other hand, the Slovak company is very open minded when choosing the type of partnership. From the point of view of Slovak company, no matter, if the cooperation will be provided via the agent or distributor. The Slovak company is very flexible in this. For them, the most important is the result at the end - increase of sales itself. For this reason, the agent, who would be able to represent the company and its products and to help facilitate sales is more than welcomed.

Type and size

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500