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Wind-powered submarine: looking for counterparts in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

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An Italian inventor has patented a novel model of a wind-powered submarine and would like to find private companies interested in further developing it into a viable product or public transport companies interested in exploring new transport systems, starting from prototyping of the innovation. Cooperation would be under license agreements.



Among the systems for producing energy from renewable sources, wind power remains of central importance. Technological advances have made wind power plants more and more efficient, both onshore and offshore. Research also develops new turbine models, with and without blades, including floating systems made with innovative and light materials.
In this scenario, an Italian inventor has designed a submarine capable of operating with an electrical engine powered by wind energy, as an optimal means of transport to fully exploit this kind of clean energy.
The innovation consists of a Wind-propelled submersible, capable of navigating in balance, thanks to at least one wind power system that comprises a turbine and a supporting pole, positioned on the hull to become, together therewith, a single structure of said submersible. The balance of said submersible is ensured by at least two wings, placed laterally to the structure of the hull of the said submersible.

The dimensions in width, length and height can be modified and adapted according to the size of the wind turbine mounted on the hull.
The submarine of the invention is designed to proceed at a constant average depth of about 20/50 meters below sea level so that its movement is not hindered by the rough sea, winds or storms that could interfere with its speed and safety.
The inventor is interested in findind counterparts willing to develop the innovation into a viable product, under license agreements.

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The innovation aims to expand the submarine transport system for civilian purposes by making it more economically advantageous and thus suitable to people and goods transport. The wind-powered submarine is an innovative submarine characterized by a hull capable to guarantee the right equilibrium and needed structure to sustain a wind turbine pole support and use wind energy as a propulsion system. The innovation stays in correcting the typical submarine hull design in order to counteract the imbalance created by the turbine. The balance is guaranteed by the right positioning of the barycentre obtained by adding at least two wings, placed laterally with respect to the hull made in a very light but strong alloy such as graphene. Wind-powered submarine aims to be a means of transport for people or commercial goods powered by clean energy produced autonomously, avoiding the need for external energy or fuel supply. The innovation is aimed at satisfying the need for rapid and safe transport since submarine navigation is not influenced by surface motions and can be a valid alternative to planes, characterized by better comfort both for the silence and stability of the submarine movement.

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Concept stage

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Shipyards and shipping companies interested in license agreement to develop the invention and carry out the necessary feasibility studies.


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Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom