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A young company from Italy that produces snacks with potatoes is looking to conclude distribution services agreement.

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This Italian company is the first in the Apulia region that produces snacks with potatoes entirely grown and processed in Salento. One of the main aims of the company is to be able to realize the entire supply chain - from cultivation to packaging - in its own territory, thus creating a completely "made in Puglia" product. The company wants to expand into the European market via a distribution services agreement.



It is one of the few Italian companies to work hand-picked potatoes and this peculiarity is surely found in the taste and freshness that are released at every bite of chips.
In three different versions, the chips conquer with their tastes: natural, or LA CLASSICA, with the whole salt of the Apulia region.
JENTU DE MARE: typically Salento, embellished with Timo, Mint, Sage, Limon and Rosemary that recalls the atmospheres and scents of the Salento sea.
PIZZICA: paprika and onion blend in a cheerful and stimulating embrace for the palate, which contains all the verve of the Salento people.
The company is looking to expand into Europe and is looking for an European partner and agents to distribute the snacks in Europe via the distribution services agreement. The company currently does not have a presence in Europe and therefore needs an European partner to distribute their products.

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The company has decided to unequivocally link its products to the territory. Infact they are able to realize the entire supply chain - from cultivation to packaging. The chips are totally artisanal, produced with local and high quality raw materials. They are fried strictly in olive oil and packaged in a double wrapper that preserves the fragrance. The company wants to take advantage of this to enter the European market.

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The Italian company is currently looking for a European distributor and agents with good links with the hypermarkets and supermarkets in Europe. The partner must also be one that is currently distributing food products in Europe.

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SME 11-50