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Young Dutch company is looking for distributors interested in developing new markets for stand-alone biodynamic LED lighting system

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The Dutch scale-up has developed a stand-alone biodynamic LED lighting concept that improves the balance between day and night, giving people more concentration, mental sharpness and a better mood. To explore new markets in the field of work, care and home applications the company is looking for distributors interested in a distribution services agreement.



By evolution humans are used to experience a sunrise, a bright sky, followed by a sundown. This natural rhythm supports their vitality and sleep. But a lot of people are indoor most of the time and they suffer from a biological imbalance because the light is always the same. They feel down, low on energy and don't sleep well.

Therefore the company developed a biodynamic light-system that fully recreates the balance between day and night, giving people more concentration, mental sharpness and a better mood.

The biodynamic light system is the first movable plug-and-play and ready to go system. It can be placed on a desk, dining room table or next to a reading chair. The light can be switched from active enjoyment to lavish relaxation. It has been designed and developed to help people at home, at work or in care centers by effectively using the natural power of light. The innovative system has already won numerous awards: The LED application of the year, Good Industrial Design and Winner of the HighTechXL Impact Final Days.

The young innovative organisation has created, developed, produced and marketed the stand-alone biodynamic LED lighting concept. The company has now completed the start-up phase and is just moving into the scale-up phase. The Dutch company is located in the so called city of light in the Netherlands and works with a local network of suppliers and research organizations. Their mission is to enable people to benefit from the healthy aspects of light by supporting people’s biorhythm, slow down dementia, reduce depression, increase work concentration and motivation and help them enjoy a healthier life at home.

To develop new markets in Europe the company is looking for distributors in Europe interested in collaboration under a distribution services agreement.

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- The lighting system recreates the balance between day and night, giving people more concentration, mental sharpness and a better mood. - Scientifically proven - Lighting system is movable, plug-and-play so it can be used in existing situations and no structural alterations to install expensive lighting systems are needed - Colour and intensity of the light changes during the day depending of the season - light intensity can be switched from active to leasure mode and back manually - can be used at home, at work or in care centers - 30 days trial placement - 4 differents models that can be ‘dressed up’ - state-of-the-art LED technology makes the system extraordinarily energy efficient and this low energy consumption allows it to stay on all day for the lowest possible costs and hardly increasing carbon footprint. - Different revenue models: lease or purchase by user

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Already on the market

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The invention is the first stand-alone solution in the world. A lot of pioneering work has to be done to explore new markets but it gives a lot of satisfaction improving people’s quality of life. The partner sought wants to help people with the healthy aspects of light and has the drive to help improve these. The system is a distinctive product that needs attention and explanation in new or existing network contacts. It helps to have a good network in one of these markets: - Work: Office furnishing or lighting advice - Care: elderly care - Home: Home furnishing

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden