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Zinc phosphate coated and oil impregnated brake discs offered by a Polish car parts manufacturer

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A Polish manufacturer of car brake components is offering zinc phosphated and oil impregnated brake disks, coated using an innovative immersion technology that ensures improved durability and protection of all disk surfaces. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is considered.



Manufacturer of brake dics, brake pads, brake shoes and brake drums, distributor of premium brake parts located in the south east of Poland. They sell own products under a proprietary brand, already recognised on the automotive market. Range of products includes over 1500 brake parts for popular European cars and light commercial vehicles, covering approximately 95% of the European market.

All parts are manufactured from high quality cast iron with the hardness of 187 to 240 HB. This guarantees low abrasion coefficient, providing good performance combined with a long-lasting safety experience during braking.

Client uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, meeting all requirements for original equipment components. The whole manufacturing process is delivered to comprehensive safety standards and quality is continuously monitored by quality controllers.

The client is offering innovative zinc phosphate coated and oil impregnated brake discs and is considering commercial agreement with technical assistance. These products are characterised by unique appearance, increased durability and better performance that might be sought by partner's customers. Beside that, the client has considerable experience and technical knowledge that could be shared.

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The zinc phosphating technology basically consists in ensuring anti-corrosive protection of cast iron brake discs by means of cascade immersion chemical processing. Impregnated brake discs are characterised by increased durability. Immersive impregnation ensures coating of all brake disc surfaces. In competitive products only external surfaces are coated, as spraying method is used. The offered zinc phosphate coated and oil impregnated brake disks have a unique graphite black surface. They can be offered for series and tuning brake sets. The design and technical documentation is developed with the use of CAD/CAM software and is tailor-made to the requirements of the customer, maintaining conformity with the ISO standards.

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Already on the market

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Car parts sellers, car repair services providers, original equipment manufacturers, tuning shops and also car producers. Partners will use the offered brake discs to improve performance or appearance of repaired, upgraded or produced cars. Producers interested in using these brake discs in new models should provide required specifications (this also applies to car tuning, as customization is possible).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Brake discs


Brake discs


Brake discs


Brake discs