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Posted: 17 Sep 2015

Polish SME gets a foot in the door to the German construction market.

Public procurement training session

A successful business with big ambitions

In the Polish city of Szczecin, Michał Hortyński owns and runs Hortyński Zaklad Uslug Elektrycznych, an SME specialising in electrical installations.

Michał had built a successful business in Poland, but had bigger ambitions for his company and set his sights on winning public building contracts in Germany. After all, Szczecin is just a stone's throw from the German border and 150km from Berlin where many public construction projects are located.

Training for success

While Michał knew his team had the technical expertise to compete for such projects, he needed help in navigating Germany's complex public procurement procedures. At this point he turned to his local Enterprise Europe Network branch who offered him a place on a public procurement training session designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to internationalise. Inspired by what he had learned, Michał decided to apply for a special certificate that simplifies participation in public procurement procedures in Germany.

The Network effect

Although the process seemed daunting, Michał was in good hands. Enterprise Europe Network expert Tomasz Łyżwiński gave Michał the advice he needed on the certification process and the German public-procurement terminology. Tomasz himself was able to rely on the knowledge and expertise of his colleague Angelika Höß - a procurement specialist from the Network's Munich branch. Working together, Tomasz and Angelika ensured that Michał's application stayed on track.

A Polish Pioneer

The hard work paid off. "We became the first Polish company certified in Germany" says company owner Michał Hortyński. "The services of Enterprise Europe Network were very useful."

For Tomasz Łyżwiński, this was an achievement to be proud of and being able to rely on specialised knowledge from the German Network partner was fundamental to Michał's success. "Through our Network connections, we were able to find a quick and effective solution."