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Window of opportunity for glass innovator

Posted: 01 Feb 2015

With support from the Enterprise Europe Network, a Polish company sought patent protection for the processing of industrial glass.

D.A. Glass is an 80-employee company in Rzeszów in south-eastern Poland founded in 1989. It has pioneered several methods for producing chemically treated glass, offering a wide range of light reflecting or transmitting properties.

The firm's latest innovations include anti-reflective glass, diffusion glass and 'self-cleaning' glass. When used in greenhouses, these can increase crop yields by at least several percent by optimising sunlight levels.

D.A. Glass has experience in intellectual property protection, having filed several Polish and international patent applications for inventions and industrial designs. For two new glass-making solutions (photovoltaic cells and solar collectors), it sought help in applying for patents from the Network, which has 600 partner organisations in more than 50 countries giving free advice to SMEs.

"Through direct consulting and workshops, we help entrepreneurs to get practical information and knowledge about intellectual property rights," says Grzegorz Tabisz, a Network expert with the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. He put the client in touch with university experts and patent agents, so the company could quickly prepare several Polish and international patent applications.

The patent clearance research highlighted the innovative nature of the company's new glass solutions. As a result, the patents should be granted soon.

Network experts also provided D.A. Glass with consulting services on intellectual property rights - such as patent protection, trademarks and copyright. It was especially grateful for advice on the formal and legal aspects of intellectual property protection

"Patent protection will allow us to offer innovative and popular products on a broader market, without the risk of unfair competition," says the company's owner, Teodora Doros. "It also confirms our competence in the eyes of customers and partners. The Network's support accelerated and facilitated the patent application process."

D.A. Glass has a new research and development centre at Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park. The park is managed by Rzeszów Regional Development Agency, the local Network partner. The R&D centre supports the company's technologies in various fields, such as new uses for glass, special applications, photovoltaic panels and solar collectors, and glass coating.