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Success stories (125)

As life expectancy increases around the world, personalised medicine has become a new hope in the fight against cancer. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, Life Length, an SME based in Spain, is validating a new diagnostic test that can help doctors tailor more effective treatment for individual cancer patients.

Countries: SPAIN
Sector: Healthcare
Year: 2022

Sometimes tragic events can give people great ideas – as the story of Emergency Eye demonstrates. With this software from Corevas, emergency response centres can pinpoint the exact location of an accident and ensure emergency services are deployed rapidly. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises, the fledgling company found the right IT partner.

Countries: GERMANY
Year: 2021

When considering a second-hand car, it is sometimes challenging to know if it has ever been involved in an accident or if it has hidden damage. With the support from the Enterprise Europe Network, Lithuanian firm carVertical has been able to make the histories of second-hand cars across Europe clearer and more transparent.

Countries: LITHUANIA
Year: 2020