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The internet is everywhere, from the planes in our skies to the trains under our feet – but venture underwater and the situation is very different. Radio waves travel much slower through water and can easily be disrupted, making cableless communication incredibly difficult. However, an Italian technology firm has pioneered the underwater Internet of Things, allowing for secure communication between underwater sensors and vehicles resulting in the better monitoring of marine environments.

Countries: ITALY
Year: 2020

Interactive displays are becoming ever more present in museums, theme parks, shopping centres, sports clubs and more. However, the LED touch screens themselves are often expensive and logistically difficult to install. This problem was the inspiration behind OiOi, a Finnish company that has developed the technology to transform any surface into a touch screen, in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Countries: FINLAND
Year: 2019

An electric hypercar designed, developed and manufactured in-house puts a Croatian technology company on the global map. With the Enterprise Europe Network's help to find the right finance, the technology behind this innovation is being supplied to markets around the world.

Countries: CROATIA
Year: 2018

A Spanish SME has successfully reoriented its business after recognising the potential for growth in the mobile robotics sector. The Enterprise Europe Network was instrumental in helping the business to find new collaborators and develop a global mindset.

Countries: SPAIN
Year: 2018