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Enterprise Europe Network

Access to EU funding programmes

Helping SMEs to understand and to access EU programmes and funds

Enterprise Europe Network helps you find and apply for EU funding programmes that can help you bring forward your research, innovation and business projects.

Research and Innovation are essential to maintain European leadership in rapidly transforming global setting and to reach the European Union's strategic autonomy goals. They are also key enablers for European SMEs to master the triple transition towards more sustainable, resilient and more digital business models.

At Enterprise Europe Network we are experts in helping companies turn top notch research into market-ready innovations. We have excellent resources to profile the best of research in Europe and to accompany your breakthrough technologies to enter the markets in Europe.

European research and innovation funding programmes can be a real game-changer for many companies facing the challenges of successful business innovation. We are ready to support you by

  • Identifying the most suitable EU funding programme for your project

  • Using our expert knowledge to support you throughout the process of devising your project, applying for funding and implementing your project

  • Finding the right research partners for your project

  • Supporting you with essential flanking advice on business innovation strategies, intellectual property and more

Enterprise Europe Network takes a holistic approach and considers that access to funding alone is not enough. Therefore we provide a wide range of valuable advice, effective partner search and high quality support for EU funding for your project, along the entire journey from research to innovation to markets.

While many of our clients seek the Network’s support to access the European Innovation Council Accelerator and Horizon Europe collaborative research programmes, we are also ready do advise on other EU programmes such as LIFE, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and other initiatives for SMEs under the Single Market Programme, Horizon Europe or the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

Finally, holders of the EIC Seal of Excellence can rely on the Network to help them identify suitable alternative sources of finance for their project – in particular those supported by the ERDF.