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Enterprise Europe Network

Access to finance

EU funding opportunities that suit your business' needs

EU funding and application support

The Network provides advice on the types of EU funding and other sources of finance that are likely to be relevant to the business needs.

We provide guidance about EU funding and financial instruments, facilitating the access to EU-funding and public financial instruments, including (but not limited to): 

  • Horizon Europe in cooperation with the National Contact Points (NCPs),

  • ERDF programmes in cooperation with Managing Authorities/Intermediate Bodies,

  • Public financial instruments through local, regional, or national authorities or financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capital organisations that provide funding with financial instruments

The Network also provides the following support:

  • Advising businesses about sources of finance relevant to their needs (e.g. loans, guarantees, equity),

  • Preparing companies, startups, and entrepreneurs on how to prepare for seeking funding from investors and financial intermediaries,

  • Connecting companies with networks on European, national or regional level like for example business angel networks, start-up communities, etc.