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Enterprise Europe Network


Enhancing SMEs’ potential to innovate, grow and develop disruptive products.

The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses bring innovative ideas to commercial success on international markets.

Innovation support services are open to all kinds of businesses. Network experts are there to assess which services are best suited to the specific development phase of your business.

Innovation awareness

At an entry level, Network services include:

  • information on innovation-related policies, legislation and support programmes

  • links with local innovation stakeholders

  • information about access to local sources of funding/support

Innovation capacity building

One step further, Network experts provide one-to-one services, including:

  • innovation audits and strategy

  • advice advice on intellectual property rights

  • technology and innovation brokerage services

  • advice on technology marketing

  • advice on access to finance for innovation

  • support to access funding programmes (including Horizon Europe)

Network experts will be able to counsel if your business has the potential to successfully apply for the EIC Accelerator programme and help you present a competitive proposal.

Innovation management

The next level of Network services is specifically designed to support potentially innovative businesses that are struggling with innovation management.

These services help businesses plan and manage their innovation activities and align their innovation strategy with other business processes.