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Empowering SMEs by building up their business resilience to future challenges.

Our services can also help your company become more resilient to external factors such as supply chain disruptions and more agile when facing future challenges.

The European economy is highly interconnected and internationalised. Cross-border value-chains in and beyond the Single Market have opened up new opportunities and reduced cost for European SMEs. Increasing linkages, however, also imply increased exposure to a variety of – sometimes predictable, sometimes unexpected – challenges and external shocks.

Climate change, globalisation, digitalisation pressures and an increasingly unstable international political environment also contribute to more and more uncertainties that make long-term economic planning difficult and that can cause sudden and substantial disruptions to business models and practices.

Enterprise Europe Network is ready to help companies assess their resilience. How prepared and capable are you to adapt your day-to-day business to new situations? How can innovation and effective innovation management help your company deal with changing circumstances? How does it help your resilience if you work towards more sustainable business models?

Together with you, we can run an analysis of your resilience and propose concrete measures to reduce any vulnerabilities that are discovered – ranging from a diversification of your supply chains to innovation and change management strategies, and from renewable energy solutions to reduce your dependency on imported fossil fuels to finding suitable business partners to work with in that transition.

Increasing resilience is a strategic choice for SMEs. At Enterprise Europe Network we are convinced that it is a good investment in your business’ future – and we’re ready to help you turn the associated challenges into business opportunities.