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HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency Nonprofit, Inc. (HEPA) aims to provide professional services and incentives to Hungarian companies to launch their products and services abroad. We provide a wide range of services to facilitate the export activities of Hungarian companies in line with the goals specified in the National Export Strategy. We support international trade relations through market research, business consultancy and export-oriented trainings. In addition to market-specific information, we provide our partners with intercultural knowledge necessary for successful business operations, as well as assist them in exploring foreign market opportunities, and in identifying, developing and supporting internationally competitive Hungarian companies, products and services. Hungarian exports have broken the record each year since 2014, and entering foreign markets is a great opportunity for domestic companies. Export activity contributes to long-term growth, results in a shift in strategic approach, company culture and increases productivity. World-class Hungarian products may be launched in international markets as a result of HEPA's economic diplomacy efforts and business relationships.
HEPA and its predecessors have been the coordinator of the Hungarian Enterprise Europe Network since its establishment in 2008. It offers every EEN service to its clients in the North Hungarian and in the Central Hungarian regions. It has an embedded position in the business development scene in Hungary.

Contact point in Budapest (Hungary)
Contact point in Eger (Hungary)
Klapka György u. 9
Eger 3300
+36 202395860