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The University of Niš is a state-governed educational and research institution. At present, the University comprises 13 faculties:

• Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
• Faculty of Economy,
• Faculty of Electronic Engineering,
• Faculty of Medicine,
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
• Faculty of Law,
• Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics,
• Faculty of Technology in Leskovac,
• Teacher-training Faculty in Vranje,
• Faculty of Occupational Safety,
• Faculty of Fine Arts,
• Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and
• Faculty of Philosophy

In the academic 2012/2013 year, the University of Niš numbers 27884 students at all study levels. There are 22531 students at the basic professional, the basic academic and the integrated studies, 60 of them are foreign students (mostly from Greece: 23, Montenegro: 7, Macedonia: 5, Jordan: 5, Germany 2, and 1 from each of the following countries: from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Turkey, USA, Australia).

1719 students attend master academic studies, 52 specialist professional studies, 10 specialist academic studies and 1377 doctoral academic studies.
The teaching process at the University is covered by 1594 teaching staff members.

From the foundation until the academic 2012/2013 year, 58557 students have graduated, 1347 of them are foreign students. 2528 postgraduates acquired their master’s degree and 1492 candidates defended their doctoral dissertations.

The University of Niš was accredited as an independent public higher-education institution on January 31th, 2009. All its constituent Faculties were also duly accredited in line with the Law on Higher Education.

In compliance with the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia, by the Decision of the Commission of Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Republic of Serbia, the faculties of the University of Niš were accredited, as well.

Contact point in NIS (SERBIA)
Univerzitetski Trg 2
Niš 18000
+381 18 257970