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News article15 March 2023

Get recognition for your environmentally responsible products with the EU Ecolabel!

The EU Ecolabel is an EU widely recognised ecolabel for environmental excellence, which turned 30 in March 2022.

EU Ecolabel

Being the official ecolabel of the European Union, it is a trusted ecolabel that can be found on goods and services sold across the EU and online. It not only empowers consumers and procurers to make sustainable choices but can also generate business opportunities. Check out why the EU Ecolabel may be good for your business!

EU Ecolabel, a label you can trust

Established in 1992, the EU Ecolabel is the official voluntary ISO 14024 type 1 ecolabel of the European Union for environmental excellence. It certifies products (goods and services) that have been independently-verified as having a low environmental impact throughout the whole life-cycle of the product: from the extraction of raw materials through to their production and disposal. The EU Ecolabel is thus contributing to the implementation of major EU initiatives identified in the EU Green Deal, such as reaching climate neutrality by 2050, shifting to a circular economy and reaching the zero pollution ambition for toxic-free environment. It allows European businesses to be part of the green transition!

Best environmental performance

The EU Ecolabel is currently available for 24 product group categories, ranging from cleaning products, paper products, hard coverings, textiles, lubricants, etc. It also applies to services: tourist accommodation and indoor cleaning services. The EU Ecolabel is continuously growing: according to the latest figures (September 2022), 2 270 EU Ecolabel licenses have been granted and 87 485 different products present on the EU market were awarded the EU Ecolabel (as of September 2022).  The EU Ecolabel can be awarded to the 10-20% most environmentally friendly products on the EU market. The certification demonstrates that the products are “best-in-class” in terms of environmental performance, compared to products in the same category. With its recognisable “flower” logo, consumers and procurers can easily identify truly green products available on the market. To ensure consumers’ trust, the EU is tightening requirements to communicate about the green credential of products - the EU Ecolabel enables companies to be one step ahead of future advertising rules.

More benefits for your business

An increasing number of businesses are investing in the EU Ecolabel. In fact, a majority of the EU Ecolabel license holders are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), for whom specially reduced EU Ecolabel fees are available.

The EU Ecolabel increases the visibility of your products on the whole EU market, both in stores and online. It showcases your company’s commitment to environmental protection and contributes to improving your company’s image and reputation. It can contribute to the development of your business, as your EU Ecolabel products will be recognised as “best-in class” products in terms of environmental performance, opening new market opportunities (including through green public procurement). Once certified, EU Ecolabel products can also benefit from promotional activities organised at EU level or in your country.

If you want to promote your eco-friendly products on the wide EU market and be part of the green transition, the EU Ecolabel is the right choice!

Make sure that your products are among the 24 eligible ones for the EU Ecolabel and check out the application process. If you are an SME, you can benefit from reduced EU Ecolabel fees!

Interested? Please contact your National EU Ecolabel Competent Body.

For more information on the EU Ecolabel, you can check the official EU Ecolabel website or contact the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk.

To stay up-to-date, follow the EU Ecolabel LinkedIn account