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The Faludi G brand was founded in 2011 by jewellery and glass designer Gabriella Faludi. Gabriella's creations, which combine innovative techniques and structures with extraordinary colours and shapes, are attracting the attention of major fashion houses, designers and retailers worldwide. We asked Gabriella to give some insights into her future plans for the brand and share her tips for creative businesses in the fashion industry.

1. How is the Network helping Faludi G achieve its international ambitions?

The Network staff in Debrecen, Hungary have their finger on the pulse when it comes to international industry events and frequently flag up the best opportunities. They are currently working on introducing the Faludi G brand at an international fair in Greece. They are the experts when it comes to doing business abroad, so I regularly turn to them for practical advice and guidance as I'm exploring new markets. They also keep their eyes open for potential new business partners across Europe and beyond, which is a great asset for a small business that is short on time and big on ambition!

2. What came out of your participation at KL Alta Moda?

The event brought up both business leads and new opportunities to raise brand awareness. On the business side, we established excellent contacts with a major retailer which we hope to develop further once our business has reached a bigger capacity. On the visibility side, we were honoured to be invited to KL Fashion Week Bridal as the official jewellery brand of the event. We have also been invited to a design exhibition in Helsinki and to the Concreta Festamoda event in Rome to introduce the Faludi G brand.

3. What are your tips for other small creative businesses starting out in the fashion industry?

There are plenty of creative businesses out there with a lot of talent, so the competition is tough! To impress your audience and make an impact you need to:

  • Be resilient: success rarely happens overnight and there will be bumps along the way, so be prepared to work hard, believe in yourself and never give up

  • Embrace new business models: there is more than one way to build a business, so be openminded, flexible and prepared to listen to sound advice that can help you build a sustainable and healthy business
  • Channel your creativity: not only in your product but also in your branding. This is how you'll get noticed and get your foot in the door, so it's worth spending time getting your message and your image just right.

Faludi G has worked with the Enterprise Europe Network partner Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara, in Debrecen, Hungary.

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Updated on 5 July 2018