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Outer space is within your reach!

Outer space is within your reach! Fresh back from Space Week 2017, Elena Giglio, Enterprise Europe Network innovation adviser based in the Italian non-profit research organisation APRE explains the untapped opportunities for small businesses in the space sector and why now is the time to break into this diverse and lucrative market.

Space is everywhere

The business of space is not confined to launching satellites and rockets! The EU's space programmes Copernicus (for earth observation) and Galileo (for satellite navigation) have opened up opportunities for all sorts of industries to connect beyond our planet. Today, space data is used to support and manage applications across areas as diverse as: infrastructure and emergency management, agriculture, health, tourism and renewable energies.

Space is for all

Although there is a huge amount of free and open data available, there are still relatively few applications on the market. There are major opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs who can think creatively, integrate innovation and strategic business practices and keep a clear vision of their company's future needs. Ultimately, the bigger you think, the further you can go.

Cooperate internationally to gain “space”

While there are many opportunities, there is also lots of competition. So be aware of the many global players and what they are working on. For specific space technologies, the USA, Russia, China and Japan are all key players. So be open and ready to cooperate internationally. The Enterprise Europe Network has advisers based in all global growth markets and can help you explore the right opportunities for your business.

Find the right space event for your business

Want to explore space opportunities? There are plenty of events on the space calendar for every sort of business.  COSMOS brings together the National Contact Points NCP for Space who provide support on Space funding under EU Framework programmes. They maintain a comprehensive calendar of events.  The Enterprise Europe Network regularly organises events for the aeronautics and space sectors where you can meet potential business partners and learn about funding opportunities. Check out the events database for upcoming events. And for those who like to plan ahead, the next Space Week event will be organised in Rome in autumn 2019.

Talk to the experts

In the Enterprise Europe Network, I'm part of a group of over 20 advisers from across Europe who know and understand the space sector. We work together to find the best opportunities for small businesses with big ambitions in aeronautics, space and dual-use technologies. Some of our biggest successes have come from entrepreneurs who never realised their project could have a space application. Contact your local Network partner for further information and advice. You could be the next success!

Elena Giglio is an Enterprise Europe Network adviser based in the Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE). Elena works with a team of colleagues across Europe to create business opportunities for small businesses in the areas of space, aeronautics and dual-use technologies. In 2016, they organised 10 international business matchmaking events and company missions for hundreds of of participating companies. So if you're looking for some support to grow your business, they can help.

Updated on 28 November 2017