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Tradition meets innovation on the international gourmet food market

Salsa Italia is a gourmet food supplier at the crossroads of tradition and technology. Their additive-free sauces are making their way into international markets. We talked to the CEO, Mauro Tirimacco, about the company’s strict quality standards and how to turn a family business into a global success.

1. How do you manage to stand out in the very competitive gourmet food market?

Quality and taste are at the heart of our production. In a very competitive market, you can stand out for low prices or high quality. Our aim is to produce high-quality traditional sauces at the right price. With this "recipe" we are working to expand our market share across national and international gourmet food markets.

2. Quality is one of your product’s strengths and a must in the food sector. What practical steps do you take to ensure quality compliance?

The quality of our sauces starts with the ingredients. We have selected the best producers that are able to guarantee a stable quality standard throughout the year, so we can ensure the same distinctive taste for each sauce regardless of the season.

High standards of safety and hygiene are also crucial. With the Network’s help, we have worked to get all the necessary quality and safety certifications. We also pride ourselves on having strict internal procedures to ensure quality compliance and have invested in a fully customized high-technology production line. This means that we can guarantee high levels of hygiene and product safety, while our sterilization techniques enable us to produce preservative-free sauces with a 24-month shelf life.

3. What's your advice for small companies that want to make the jump from local to global?

I have three main tips for food businesses that want to expand onto international markets:

  • carefully study your target markets and weigh up the financial risks and opportunities
  • make sure that you build a strong commercial strategy
  • ensure your products are compliant with regulations in your target countries

These are all important factors for success.


Salsa Italia has worked with the Enterprise Europe Network partner Azienda Speciale Agenzia di Sviluppo della Camera di Commercio di Chieti in Chieti, Italy.

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Updated on 24 July 2018