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Austrian company is looking for mining companies. They have developed a sustainable and economically efficient mining logistic system which offers a transportation method that transports material from one production level to another by using a cable car.


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11 December 2023 - 10 December 2024
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Commercial agreement
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CanadaMongoliaArgentinaAustraliaSouth AfricaBrazilChile
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General information

Short Summary
An Austrian company has developed a mining logistic system for open pit operations with a height difference of more than 300 m & over 3 million tons of production per year. It’s a cable car that transports material from the lowest production level to the processing plant. The main advantages are the reduction of CO2 emissions, economic efficiency due to the reduction of diesel consumption, reduction of wear and tear, road tires and savings in cycle times and personnel. ESG aims can be fulfilled.
Full Description
The Austrian company has created a mining logistic system which is suitable for open pit operations with a height difference of more than 300 m and over 3 million tons of production per year. It is used to support trucks in open pits or quarries to transport material up or down. With this unique method, the truck drives onto a transport platform and is transported by cable car from the lowest level to the top floor. If the cycle time for a transport of 400 meters in height is usually around one hour, a saving of over 30 minutes can be expected with the transport method of this company.
A prerequisite is that the individual transports do not weigh more than 110 tons. This is the maximum load that can be carried by the carrying ropes. In the case of heavy goods vehicles weighing more than 110 tons, the load can also be filled into a pocket of the cable car and thus transported to the processing plant without a vehicle. By operating 2 reversible cable cars in opposite directions, the dead load is compensated via the electric rail.
This results in very high conveying efficiency and the ESG targets can be met. No overhead line is required. By saving cycle time, either production can be increased or costs reduced. The biggest saving is in diesel consumption, other savings are in equipment wear, tires, road maintenance, etc. Payback of the investment is around 3 years and is therefore highly economical. This invention was registered in 2022 and is now to be implemented for the first time.
Only those who dare to try new things can become better. Those who always do everything the same can only become as good as their predecessors.
Advantages and Innovations
• ESG goals are achieved while reducing costs at the same time.
• Diesel emissions and thus CO2 emissions are largely saved.
• Cycle times are significantly shortened.
• Personnel savings
• The safety of personnel during transportation is increased.
• Tire service life is increased.
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 13: Climate ActionGoal 17: Partnerships to achieve the GoalGoal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Partner Sought

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They are looking for mining companies with open pits with more than 300 m altitude difference and over 3 million tons of production. This highly economical process is ideal for such companies.
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SME 50 - 249SME 11-49OtherBig company
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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02010003 - System and transportation02009001 - Design of Vehicles
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09001007 - Other transportation09006 - Mining (non-energy related)08003007 - Other industrial equipment and machinery08003003 - Mining machinery
Targeted countries
CanadaMongoliaArgentinaAustraliaSouth AfricaBrazilChile