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Croatian company is offering innovative AI solution for underwater pollution detection and classification with the possibility of historical visualization.


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22 December 2023 - 21 December 2024
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Research and development cooperation agreementInvestment agreementCommercial agreement with technical assistance
Targeted Countries
SingaporeCyprusCroatiaJapanFinlandSpainNetherlandsIcelandUnited KingdomGermanyFranceItalySwedenEstoniaNew ZealandPortugalIndiaMontenegroNorwayCanadaMaltaLatviaSloveniaLithuaniaIrelandGreeceUnited States
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General information

Short Summary
The Croatian SME company offering innovative non-invasive solution based on AI technology and trained neural network, for detection and classification of underwater and beach litter, vegetation and animal migration by using drones and computer vision.
Full Description
The company has developed innovative technology using AI to detect and classify garbage and other foreign objects under sea level on sea surface and on the coast. Special AI technology uses non-invasive unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to detect underwater waste like bottles, batteries, shopping bags, tires, cans, shoes and many more.

With over 10 000 images that company has collected over all seasons, weather conditions, water properties, wave intensity, they have trained their neural network to detect various types of garbage, vegetation and animals. Thanks to the custom algorithms it is possible to cover desired area in very short period of time, augmented with software to help organize and visually inspect raw input data. Also, by using machine learning, it is possible to repurpose detector, while maintaining their custom made pipeline.

Besides the detection of the marine litter, technology can be used also for tracking seagrass vegetation like Posidonia oceanica and also visualization of migrations of animals like sea urchin, noble pen shell or fan mussel.

Company is dedicated to reduce marine waste concentrations in the seas and rivers and is offering live demo session to demonstrate power of the developed solution. At the moment, compared to the other solutions in the market, proposed technology is the only one able to detect marine litter, using drone, which is completely focused to the sea (including both, sea level and seabed up to the certain depth).

Company is looking for partnership B2B in terms of fishery industry, hotels and other coastal touristic facilities and in general companies with high level Corporate social responsibility (CSR) interested in finding new ways of making their business model more sustainable by using innovative solutions. Companies is also interested in finding partners in the sector of government or policy making, primarily, research institutions, SCO or NGOs and public or government agencies interested in joint projects and/or testing developed technology for new applications. Company is interested in licensing developed technology, offering software as a service or for a joint-venture type of partnership.
Advantages and Innovations
One of the main advantages of the technology is that is using non-invasive drone technology to collect photos of the area and identify and classify marine litter under the sea level. Compared to the competitive solutions it is only solution able to detect both litter and live plants and/or animals.

The main innovations of the solutions are:
- custom algorithm able to cover desired area in shortest time,
- software to help organize and visually inspect raw input data
- trained neural network do detect various types of marine litter classes
- detection of the object on the sea level and seabed, up to approximately 3 meters, depending on chemical, physical and biological properties at given moment
- possibility of detection of vegetation and animals.
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesGoal 6: Clean Water and SanitationGoal 13: Climate ActionGoal 15: Life on Land

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Company is looking for B2B or B2G partners interested in licensing developed technology, using software as a service or interested in joint-venture type of partnership.

For B2B partnership company is looking for companies with high level Corporate social responsibility (CSR) interested in finding and using new solutions to develop or upgrade their sustainable business model. They are also looking for companies from the fishery industry, tourism and other coastal intensive sectors interested in using solutions for removal of marine litter and making their environment cleaner.

Company is also looking for B2G partnership specifically research institutions, NGOs and/or CSOs interested in joint projects and testing developed technology for the new applications. They are also interested in public or government agencies responsible for the management of the coastal areas and interested in using innovative solutions to reduce marine litter and to manage those areas in more responsible way.
Type and Size of Partner
SME <=10
Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreementInvestment agreementCommercial agreement with technical assistance

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Technology keywords
10003004 - Recycling, Recovery10003006 - Waste disinfection / detoxification10003003 - Land and Sea Disposal10001004 - Hazardous Materials
Market keywords
08004004 - Other pollution and recycling related08004003 - Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
Sector Groups Involved
Maritime Industries and Services
Targeted countries
SingaporeCyprusCroatiaJapanFinlandSpainNetherlandsIcelandUnited KingdomGermanyFranceItalySwedenEstoniaNew ZealandPortugalIndiaMontenegroNorwayCanadaMaltaLatviaSloveniaLithuaniaIrelandGreeceUnited States