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Danish company seeks suppliers of dinghies, barrel saunas, and hot tubs.


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Business request
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27 March 2024 - 27 March 2025
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Supplier agreement
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General information

Short Summary
Danish company seeks suppliers of dinghies, barrel saunas (made of wood and with electric heater/wood fired stove), and hot tubs (in Denmark they are called “wilderness bath” tubs). To have resilience in the supply chain there is a preference for European suppliers.
Full Description
The Danish company has for 15 years been working with rental of the requested products to customers all over Denmark.
Further the Danish company works with almost all aspects of products and services connected to water sports teaching and rental.
The Danish company is aware that the barrel saunas and hot tubs are typically products with a certain (and relatively longer) delivery time.
The market in Denmark is characterized by relatively few sellers of the mentioned products in mixed quality, and the order quantities are therefore closely connected to price and quality.
As for dinghies, the material can be aluminum steel, fiberglass, or wood.
The order size will often be 6-12 pieces, as there can typically be loaded 6-12 pieces on a truck.
The hot tubs will often be made of wood, but the material is not essential.
Please have a look at the attached pictures to see examples of requested products.
Advantages and Innovations
The Danish company:
- Is design and innovation-oriented and brings innovative products to the market.
- Communicates in English, German and all three Scandinavian languages.
- Has a wide selection of products
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
IPR description
The suppliers must be specialized in manufacturing dinghies, barrel saunas, and hot tubs.

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The suppliers must:
- be specialized in manufacturing dinghies, barrel saunas, and hot tubs
- be reliable in delivery and price agreements
- speak English
- be able to handle logistics and transport to Denmark
Type and Size of Partner
Type of partnership
Supplier agreement

Call details

Coordinator required


Market keywords
08005 - Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
Targeted countries
All countries