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Eurostars Call 14 March 2024: italian SME operating in GreenTech sector is looking for organisations expert in IT, AI/ML and solar industry


Profile Type
Research & Development Request
POD Reference
Term of Validity
19 February 2024 - 18 February 2025
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Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
Italian GreenTech SME has created an innovative plant-driven technology to enhance agrivoltaic modules, merging agriculture with solar energy efficiency.

They are seeking partners with expertise in IT, AI/ML, and solar industries to jointly apply for a EUROSTARS project, aiming to improve sustainable agriculture and energy production.
Full Description
The innovative agrivoltaic system integrates photovoltaic panels with agricultural cultivation, optimizing energy production while ensuring plant health.

This system employs a support structure extending over crops with adjustable photovoltaic panels to modulate shadowing. It includes an orientation module to rotate panels based on solar positioning, an irrigation device and a delivery module for precise water distribution.

A cloud processing unit analyzes operational and environmental parameters from various sensors to control water delivery and panel orientation, ensuring optimal crop health and energy efficiency responding to a “plant-driven approach“.

The system's AI modules apply physical-mathematical models to sensor data, continuously improving panel rotation duration, irrigation timing and positioning for weather protection.

A weather station enhances predictive operations, while a management unit facilitates data and command exchange, supported by user input for site-specific adjustments.

This self-regulating, scalable system merges energy production with agricultural productivity, minimizing land use and emissions.
Advantages and Innovations
• Integration of PV Technology with Agriculture: Seamlessly merges solar energy production with crop cultivation, optimizing land use.

• Dynamic Panel Adjustment: Automated control of photovoltaic panels to balance energy generation and crop light exposure, enhancing plant growth and solar efficiency.

• Advanced AI and Cloud Analytics: Utilizes AI algorithms for real-time environmental and crop health monitoring, adjusting irrigation and panel orientation for optimal conditions.

• Sustainability: Reduces water use through precision irrigation, promotes clean energy, and supports sustainable farming practices.

• Modular and Scalable Design: Easily adaptable to various farm sizes and types, ensuring broad applicability and scalability.

• Predictive Maintenance: Leveraging data analytics for proactive system maintenance, increasing reliability and lifespan.

• Energy and Agricultural Efficiency: Maximizes clean energy production while enhancing crop yield, addressing dual goals of sustainability and food security.
Stage of Development
Lab tested
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyGoal 13: Climate ActionGoal 6: Clean Water and SanitationGoal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
IPR description
• Solar Energy Technology: Proficiency in solar panel technology, including design, efficiency optimization and maintenance, especially under varying environmental conditions.

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Skills in developing AI and ML algorithms for predictive analytics, optimizing system performance based on real-time environmental data and crop health indicators.

• Cloud Computing and Data Analysis: Capabilities in cloud-based data processing and analytics for real-time decision-making and system adjustments.

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The start-up is searching collaboration with entities possessing expertise in IT, AI/ML and solar industry technologies to enhance their agrivoltaic system's efficiency and scalability.

The project is currently at TRL 3 and has been validated in the lab.

The partner should contribute to transitioning the technology from lab-scale to pilot-scale deployment, focusing on integrating AI-driven environmental and crop monitoring systems with solar energy production
Type and Size of Partner
SME <=10SME 11-49SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement

Call details

Framework program
Call title and identifier
Eurostars call for projects MAR 2024
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
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Technology keywords
01003024 - Cloud Technologies04005005 - Solar/Thermal energy04005004 - Photovoltaics
Market keywords
02007020 - Artificial intelligence programming aids06003002 - Photovoltaics02006004 - Data processing, analysis and input services
Targeted countries
All countries