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French company offers innovative natural food supplements in liquid form derived from algae or plants that are compatible with vegan diets, and seeks sales agents or distributors abroad to represent / distribute its brand


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27 November 2023 - 26 November 2024
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Commercial agreement
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General information

Short Summary
The French SME produces 100% natural food supplements titrated with active molecules (phycocyanin, vitamin C, B6, zinc, iron, iodine, selenium…) to meet consumers' daily needs (vitality, immunity, beauty, stress, trace element deficiencies, sleep, well-being). Products are packaged in ampoules with no preservatives or heat treatment, and dedicated to pharmacies / parapharmacies, specialist shops and online sales. Distributors are sought to implement and distribute the brand in their country.
Full Description
After 5 years of shaping products for major players in the French nutraceutical market and producing over 10 million ampoules, the French company has decided to launch its own brand.

The company's finished products are offered as 10 to 20-day courses of treatment in glass ampoules, with no preservatives, additives or technical processing. The company designs, formulates and extracts the natural molecules from plants and algae on its own premises. The ampoule filling and canning stages are also carried out in-house.

The SME packages its ampoules in a clean room, guaranteeing that the products are perfectly sterile and avoiding the use of preservatives, additives or heat treatment to sterilise the products, which would degrade some of the active molecules.

The company offers a range of natural products made from plants and seaweed with a variety of health benefits:
-Plant iron and vitamin C synergy
Plant-based selenium and vitamin B6 synergy :
-Mushroom and basil zinc
-Isotonic marine plasma using the Quinton process
-Hypertonic marine plasma according to the Quinton process
-Sea lettuce iodine
-Phycocyanin (1g/L) from organic French spirulina
-Phycocyanin (2g/L) from organic French spirulina
-Phycocyanin (3g/L) from organic French spirulina

The products have specific properties that contribute to overall good health:

-Beauty: to complement the daily beauty routine with treatments based on plant and marine extracts; they provide essential micronutrients for the skin, nails and hair.

-Energy/sport performance: the selected extracts help to restore energy, improve recovery and performance, or simply enhance well-being during sport.

-Unity: to fight against the many external aggressions and help the body to resist.

-Bone health: with age, hormonal changes and many other factors, bone structure is put to the test. Extracts help the skeleton to function normally and prevent fractures.

-Mental balance: the formulas can help keep the mind clear by promoting good psychological, cognitive, nervous and reactive health.

-Natural antioxidants: these are special products designed to supplement micronutrient intake and maintain good health.

The range of products offered by the French company is set to expand to meet the needs of consumers throughout the year and throughout their lives, with products that are 100% natural and respectful of the environment.

All the products are made in France and packaged without preservatives or heat treatment to preserve their effectiveness.

The French company is looking for sales agents or distributors abroad to introduce its brand of healthy, innovative organic liquid food supplements to other countries.
Advantages and Innovations
-The French SME is capable of developing formulas and producing healthy, all-natural organic plant extracts that are good for the planet, good for the body and great tasting.

-The food supplements are packaged without preservatives, additives or heat treatment to preserve the effectiveness of the active molecules.

-All products are compatible with vegan diets.

-The extracts are in liquid form for better assimilation and bioavailability.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 3: Good Health and Well-beingGoal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The French SME is looking for commercial partners already established and specialised in the nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, health nutrition and nutri-cosmetics sectors.

The partners sought are sales agents or distributors willing to expand their portfolio with new food supplement products based on organic marine ingredients / organic plant extracts. The partners should represent / distribute the healthy French organic products in pharmacies, specialist shops and local e-shop sites.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49SME <=10SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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08001002 - Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food08001001 - Drink Technology
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07003003 - Soft drinks and bottling plants07003002 - Health food07004002 - Health and beauty aids05008001 - Marine products007003004 - Food supplements/vitamins
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All countries