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An innovative cost efficient photobioreactor manufacturer is looking for up and downstream partners for collaboration to test the capabilities of cost-effective, scalable and low-emmision algea production at pilot scale


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Research & Development Request
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Term of Validity
22 May 2024 - 22 May 2025
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Research and development cooperation agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
An Istanbul-based company is seeking partners to develop exemplary circular production solutions for various sectors, utilizing a novel photobioreactor solution that is both cost-effective and efficient in algae production. Ideal collaborations may focus on up and downstream solutions such as wastewater remediation, carbon capture, and storage of industrial emissions, alternative proteins, sustainable raw materials, and green hydrogen at a pilot scale.
Full Description
The company’s technology offers a versatile platform serving the circular economy by producing commodities like feed, food, supplements, and raw materials at a low carbon footprint. The novel photobioreactor design is characterized by its use of translucent polymer-based units, which are arranged in an accordion-like structure to increase the surface-to-volume ratio and CO2 retention time with good mixing behavior.
Additionally, the thin layered structure allows the installation of these photobioreactors in large areas with minimum material, resulting in an ambitiously lower CAPEX, OPEX, and eCO2 footprints regarding the current commercial techniques.
Lastly, with an emphasis on modular scalable design, Algasystems solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs and easily expand as demand grows. This innovative approach allows us to test and produce commodities at low prices even at a pilot scale.
The company has already created a healthy ecosystem of like-minded organizations to increase the capacity and versatility of algal production. With this Partnering Opportunity Profile company aims to expand this ecosystem in upstream and downstream processes with partners.
Advantages and Innovations
Increased Surface Area: The accordion-like arrangement of the bags maximizes the surface area available for algae growth. This allows for higher biomass productivity compared to traditional photobioreactors.
Enhanced Light Utilization: By optimizing the positioning of the bags, the photobioreactor ensures that each algae cell receives an adequate amount of light for photosynthesis. This results in improved growth rates and biomass yield.
Improved CO2 Absorption: The design of the photobioreactor facilitates efficient CO2 absorption by the algae cells. This is crucial for biological carbon capture, as it allows the algae to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere or industrial emissions.
Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability: The use of translucent polymer bags makes the photobioreactor cost-effective to manufacture and operate. Additionally, its modular design allows for easy scalability, making it suitable for applications ranging from small-scale installations to large industrial facilities.
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 2: Zero HungerGoal 13: Climate Action
IPR description
Expertise in Environmental Technology: The partner should have a strong background in developing and implementing technologies for environmental sustainability, including wastewater treatment, carbon capture, and renewable energy.
Experience with Bioprocessing: The partner should have experience in bioprocessing techniques, particularly in the production of alternative proteins, sustainable raw materials, and biofuels.
Focus on Innovation: The partner should be committed to innovation and have a track record of developing cutting-edge technologies.
Scalability and Commercialization: The partner should have the capability to pilot test new technologies and scale them up for commercial production.
Global Vision: The partner should have an international presence and a network of global partners, sharing a commitment to promoting sustainable development worldwide.
Research and Development Capabilities: The partner should have robust R&D capabilities to collaboratively explore and refine new processes and products.
Complementary Skills: The partner should possess skills and technologies that complement Algasystems' photobioreactor solutions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the collaboration.

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The company seeks upstream collaboration opportunities to provide essential nutrients from wastewater and fulfill the CO2 demand of photobioreactors using industrial emissions, further reducing the CO2 footprint and environmental impact. Ideal partnerships could foster the implementation of on-site tertiary treatment plants for AD plants and/or carbon capture and storage facilities with relatively low CO2 flow. Downstream, the company aims to create collaborative research opportunities to diversify algal production end products through precision fermentation, purification, H2 production, and bioconversion. By harnessing the potential of one of nature's most versatile single-cell factories, these collaborations will focus on producing low-emission, energy-efficient raw materials for animal feed, human nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil, biofuel, and bioplastics. The ideal partner(s) would have responsibilities of technical integration of up and downstream processes with photobioreactors as well as developing new markets and commercialization of joint R&D efforts.
Type and Size of Partner
Big companySME 50 - 249SME <=10SME 11-49R&D Institution
Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement

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07001001 - Agriculture Machinery / Technology
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09005 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products
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