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Italian company with over 40 years of experience in the clothing industry is searching for new distributors and clients. The company specializes in the production of women’s and men’s sleepwear and casual/sports outerwear.


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28 November 2023 - 27 November 2024
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Commercial agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
A 1977-founded Italian company with over 40 years of experience in the textile industry, specializing in the production of women’s and men’s sleepwear and casual/sportswear, is looking for new distributors for its own clothing lines and partners who need a clothing manufacturer to create their collections.
Full Description
The Italian SME is based in Lombardy, and it is active in the clothing industry since 1977.
The company began operating on behalf of a third party in 1980, and it has since been a player in the Italian and European markets.
Its product line is primarily targeted at half-age women and men, but models can be created upon request. Collections are offered in spring/summer and autumn/winter.
The company's versatility and “Made in Italy” branding are primarily attributed to its continuous technological advancements, devoted customer base, consistently superior fabrics and sewing techniques, and contemporary design.
From the model's analysis to the finished product, the SME follows the whole process.
As of right now, department shops and major European catalogues, particularly those in France, Belgium, and Germany, account for a sizable portion of its manufacturing.
The company is already successful in both domestic and international markets. The SME is seeking for new partners worldwide (preferably in Europe, but open to other countries) in order to expand its business, with the goal of establishing long-term business relationships. Potential partners can be distributors with well-established network in the fashion and clothes sector. It is also looking for clients interested in having their clothes manufactured.
Advantages and Innovations
The SME continually pays attention to current trends, styles, colours, and patterns. It is able to offer two unique clothing and sleepwear collections each year.
Achieving the best quality is a never-ending goal that has been a part of the company's history: selecting materials and fabrics with durability, stain resistance, and colour retention.
A modern design that keeps up with the times is the foundation of quality and ensures an excellent fit.
The SME has always been an innovative technology company. A computerized automatic cutting device that can operate in dimensions up to 10,000 by 2,000 mm is available. The design field is also technologically sophisticated because of CAD and plotter systems for the generation and printing of models.
The shipping and packaging division is also quite automated and technologically advanced. A barcode labelling system makes it possible to organize the tasks and guarantee timely, error-free shipping.
Working with highly advanced machinery and using skilled and knowledgeable personnel are prerequisites for achieving quality for this SME.
Moreover, the company can perform all internal operations within its plant thanks to the expertise of its highly qualified workforce.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGoal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The company is looking for partners in order to expand its business in foreign markets.
Potential partners can distributors with a well-established network in the clothing sector, and clients willing to have their clothes manufactured.
In this case the cooperation is envisaged under a commercial or distribution agreement.
Further details shall be discussed directly with potential partners.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49OtherBig companySME <=10SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

Call details

Coordinator required


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02007018 - Advanced Textile Materials
Market keywords
07002002 - Clothing and shoe stores07004001 - Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)09004003 - Textiles (synthetic and natural)07001004 - Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
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All countries