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An Italian company specialized in the design and production of articulated hydraulic cranes to be mounted on industrial trucks is searching for commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial and manufacturing agreements with European companies


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Technology offer
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28 March 2024 - 28 March 2025
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Commercial agreement with technical assistanceInvestment agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
An Italian company producing a complete set-up for commercial vehicles making it ready to work. This setup includes a hydraulic crane, tipper body and radio control. The reduced width of the crane also allows more loading volume in the tipper body. The development of this product is currently at the prototyping phase; it is interested in a partner who follows its know-how with a production, commercial and financial partnership in Italy and Europe.
Full Description
This company was established in 1991 in Northern Italy, after more than 20 years of experience as the leader in the sector of truck cranes from 1 to 6 t/m. This company decided to expand the studio's activity, aiming at developing new innovative products and production processes. In fact, 50% of the components of each crane are shared, from the smallest to the largest model, reducing costs and production times. By doing that, this company created new technologies in hydraulic cylinders and carpentry. Currently, this company have customers in Italy, Germany, France and Russia.
The new mounting kit has been designed to be installed on a specific commercial vehicle, making it plug and play compared to traditional systems. This new kit includes crane, tipper body and radio control as standard. Developed with light and resistant materials, it guarantees uncompromising productivity, making the vehicle autonomous both on the road and at work:
• 20% reduction in crane and tipper production costs.
• 15% crane weight reduction thanks to the subframe integrated into the base.
• 30% tipper body weight reduction made of aluminum/steel.
• 30% total weight reduction of the mounting kit crane + tipper body.
• 80% installation costs reduction.
• 50% costs reduction for CE testing, documents and practices.
• 40% vehicle payload increase.
• 75% overall space reduction when crane is at rest, only 220mm wide.
• The kit comes with radio control as standard, that operates crane and/or tipper body.
The sectors of application are many:
- Cranes and lifting
- Constructions
- Municipality vehicles
- Marine applications
- Agricultural application
- Forestry
- Industrial
Furthermore, interested customer target can be:
- Authorized dealers and workshops
- Commercial/industrial vehicle bodybuilders
- Commercial/industrial vehicle sales activities
- Commercial/industrial rental activities
- Manufacturing Commercial/industrial vehicles company
This company could be integrated and optimized by cooperating with engineering/manufacturing companies with experience in truck cranes and specifical accessories. The partnership can also work for carpentry, combining its know-how with the partner’s.
At the moment, given the great demand and interest they are considering opening an innovative start-up.
This company is searching for commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial and manufacturing agreements with European companies.
Advantages and Innovations
This setup was designed to reduce all the processing, production and setup steps and costs needed to complete the customized vehicle upon customer request.
By designing the crane's subframe integrated into the base, the installation is significantly faster and simpler than traditional systems. Their setup is the first on the market to offer crane, tipper body and radio control as standard.
Being designed for a specific brand of commercial vehicle, the mounting kit is ready to use, reducing delivery times and increasing profit margins for bodybuilders.
Stage of Development
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Sustainable Development Goals
Not relevant

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
This company is searching for a partner with manufacturing expertise interested in developing its know-how.
The ideal partners of this company are private SMEs with a strong internal know-how with an innovation-oriented approach open to international cooperation. This company is searching for commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial and manufacturing (joint small-scale production) agreements with European companies.
The output of such cooperation will be the optimization of the product, extension of product applications to new machineries and different market sectors, as well as other international markets. This company currently exporting their products to the European market as well as producing for the Italian market. Therefore, the cooperation is open mainly to European and Italian markets, as they show greater potentiality, but it is also interested in other markets such as EMEA, NA, LATAM, APAC.
Type and Size of Partner
SME <=10
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistanceInvestment agreement

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02006002 - Construction methods and equipment
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09001002 - Trucking09007001 - Construction companies08003002 - Hoists, cranes and conveyors
Targeted countries
All countries