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Japanese start-up offering fem-tech product reducing day-to-day disadvantages is looking for a distributor in the EU under a business agreement


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Business Offer
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29 November 2023 - 28 November 2024
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Commercial agreement
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General information

Short Summary
Two Japanese female entrepreneurs founded a start-up offering Japan-made fem-tech products such as periods underwear and menstrual cups. Their scope is to reduce as much as possible the “disadvantages” aspects in female day-to-day life with products packed of innovative design and technology. They are looking for a distribution partner in the EU.
Full Description
Two Japanese female entrepreneurs launched a start-up offering fem-tech products fully made in Japan to apparel retailers, their objective is to reduce “disadvantages” aspects as much as possible in women day-to-day life.

They are offering fem-tech products, periods underwear and menstrual cups (patent applied in Japan), to a potential partner in the EU under a business agreement.

The start-up believes that the EU countries are at the forefront in the development and awareness of fem-tech products, with therefore high potential business opportunities. Moreover, they previously learnt that the necessity of fem-tech, especially sustainability of products, is well known in the EU among all genders.

They are looking for a potential partner who could be a sales agent and/or a distributor of Japan-made fem-tech products in the EU, particularly in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Sweden.

All their products are made in Japan in collaboration with local SMEs who supply various materials. A potential EU partner would be connected with the Japanese local manufacturing site through this partnership opportunity.
Advantages and Innovations
All their products are manufactured in Japan using high level technologies. They exercise utmost caution on products safety and hygiene throughout the production process.

Periods underwear is made of carefully selected fabrics and threads with odour eliminating and anti-bacteria function. Moreover, the underwear has a specific design structure to prevent leaking and is made with a high-level waterproof fabric to maximise absorption. The brighter colours applied on the inner side of the underwear allows easier visual check of the menstrual flow.

They also have enabled easier cleaning process by using a washing machine and drying up in 5-7 hours. In case it is very stained, rinsing with water before washing would solve that.

The other item, originally designed by the two entrepreneurs, is a menstrual cup with a unique shape that incorporates a small grip. The small grip allows an easier use of the cup. The users notably can put in or take out the cup very smoothly with one finger. The company is pending a patent approval in Japan for this innovative design.
High-quality silicone material enables its comfortability together with elasticity and durability while in use. It is also very easy to fold and to carry. The cup is designed allowing 25ml water absorption.
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The company is looking for distributors that have business channels in the sector of sustainable product is sought; ideally to collaborate with a potential partner who targeting women’s wellbeing. The partner is expected to help the Japanese company in development of marketing intelligence as well.

The Japanese company aims to establish a long-term business partnership in the EU, and they are ready to consider various collaborative opportunities but not limited to distributors.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49SME 50 - 249Big companySME <=10
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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05007007 - Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
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