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Korean company develops and provides AI solutions across various industries, including insurance, healthcare, and HR.


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Technology offer
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Term of Validity
25 January 2024 - 24 January 2025
Company's Country
South Korea
Type of partnership
Investment agreementResearch and development cooperation agreementCommercial agreement with technical assistance
Targeted Countries
All countries
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General information

Short Summary
Korean company utilizes AI driven data analysis and research to better understand their workflow, so that their time can be better spent on something more valuable. They develop and provide AI solutions across various industries, including insurance, healthcare, and HR.
Full Description
The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in diverse working models, such as remote work, telecommuting and flexible scheduling, lending weight to the urgency of devising innovative methodologies for team leadership and human resource management. While traditional HRM solutions lack the ability to evaluate work efficiency, their Workit offers a quantitative work evaluation method, along with user action-based office attendance tracking.
WorKit is transforming the field of workforce management software by offering powerful and secure customized business process automation through leveraging AI technology. With the recent adoption of remote working environments, team members and corporate managers are facing challenges in managing work hours and concentration. WorKit addresses these issues by employing AI models to accurately identify work data, thereby managing work concentration. The AI technology from Korean company focuses on data analysis related to work concentration, providing more accurate analysis and predictions compared to existing solutions in the market. Additionally, it enhances user productivity by incorporating features such as alert mechanisms to maintain work concentration.

No user intervention required
Taskbot, a module within WorKit, is designed as a system that minimizes user intervention and automatically collects work data without any additional actions after logging in.

Quantitative evaluation indicators
Task Finder analyzes the collected work data and shows the user's task concentration, efficiency, PC usage time, program usage status, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner through a web dashboard.

User work pattern analysis
Work data is also used to analyze the work patterns of users. Through this, bottlenecks and inefficient processes can be detected, and furthermore, it is possible to recommend automation sections.
Advantages and Innovations
[Key Features and Characteristics]
Collection of user work data through the completed Task Bot development
· Data collection module / Data automation processing model / Unstructured data structuring model The Task Finder, currently under development, uses the collected work data to provide a refined classification, analyzing program usage and work focus levels
· Work type classification model / Data security Subsequently, based on the classified work data, the types of work are analyzed, and correlations between work process data are identified
· Work type analysis module / Work process structuring model / Work process correlation analysis model

[Services Provided]
1. Quantitative Work Evaluation Service
- Assessment of PC usage time against working hours
- Identification of programs used during work tasks
- Determination of work concentration levels

2. Remote Work Management
- Real-time status and notification services for team members
- Attendance and organizational structure management

3. User Work Pattern Management
- Recommendations for personnel aiding in team building
- Suggestions for work segments that could be automated
- Analysis of work efficiency

[Technical Differentiation]
- Advanced work process analysis technology through the accumulation of work data
- Provision of human resource management services based on quantitative measurement of work efficiency and performance
Stage of Development
Under development
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthGoal 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Exploration/Collaboration Areas
HR Tech, work automation, work process analysis and education, finance industry, distribution sector, etc.

Desired Partners
- Marketing partners for product promotion and customer acquisition
- Global partners for market entry and expansion
- Technical partners for solution enhancement and advancement
Type and Size of Partner
UniversityBig companyOtherSME <=10R&D InstitutionSME 11-49SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Investment agreementResearch and development cooperation agreementCommercial agreement with technical assistance

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01003003 - Artificial Intelligence (AI)01006005 - Network Technology, Network Security
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02007016 - Artificial intelligence related software02007021 - Other Artificial intelligence related02007020 - Artificial intelligence programming aids01004003 - Communications processors/network management02007005 - Communications/networking
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All countries