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A Korean deep-tech startup seeks commercial partners for surfactant-free focused ultrasonic nano dispersion/emulsification equipment and R&D partner for commercializing filter-free ultrasonic toxic industrial wastewater treatment.


Profile Type
Technology offer
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Term of Validity
15 February 2024 - 14 February 2025
Company's Country
South Korea
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistanceResearch and development cooperation agreement
Targeted Countries
All countries
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General information

Short Summary
A Korean deep-tech startup with focused ultrasonic dispersion technology has developed nano emulsification/dispersion equipment for pharmaceuticals, chemical, and cosmetics industries that mix watery and oily ingredients without surfactants. Also, this technology can remove toxic compounds such as per- and polyfloroakyl substances(PFAS) from industrial wastewater. The company seeks commercial partners for its equipment, and R&D partners to commercialize its technology for wastewater treatment.
Full Description
Founded in 2022 as a Korean deep-tech startup specializing in nanotechnology, it is research-based and affiliated with the Korea Research Institute of Standard and Science (KRISS). Its core technology is focused ultrasonic technology that uses ultrasonic energy and piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) to centralize the energy (focusing on the center) through a tube of solutions. So watery and oily solutions are surfactant-freely emulsified and dispersed into the uniform nanoscale. Based on this technology, its product and technology on offer are as follows;

1. Surfactant-free & nano emulsion/dispersion equipment: This equipment yields very uniform (80% or higher) and nano-scaled (500-50 nm) emulsification/dispersion without surfactants. Its amplified Brownian motion and zeta potential prevent particles from agglomerating for a long time. It mixes 3~40 ingredients and effects to improve the absorbency and spreadability of products for various industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical processing, cosmetics, secondary cell batteries (CNT), special paints/dyes, petrochemistry, and functional food/beverages.

2. Filter-free focused ultrasonic industrial wastewater treatment technology: Based on its ultrasonic technology, perfluorooctanoic acid(PFOA) was reduced up to 12,000 times, and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid(PFOS) was reduced up to 50 times according to the analysis of liquid chromatography results. Equipment applied to this technology can be attached to the end of a manufacturing process where PFOA and PFOS compounds are used as a pre-treatment before releasing it to traditional waste-water treatment plants.

The company seeks not only distribution partners of its own nano emulsion/dispersion equipment under commercial agreement with technical assistance, but also R&D partners to co-develop new industrial wastewater treatment equipment under research & development cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations
1. Nano emulsification/dispersion equipment
- While the current nano-homogenizer uses milling, high-pressure, and sonic technology, this technology uses ultrasonic energy and piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) to concentrate the energy to the centre for nano-emulsification and nano-dispersion.

- Surfactant-free nano-emulsification and dispersion.
- High reproducibility (80% or higher uniformity)
- Processes continuously (Not a batch system; in-line installation system that does not require pre-processing with less than 3% loss; production can be continuous.)
- Produces low viscosity and high concentration materials (uniform nano-sized particles allow to produce high concentration and low viscosity materials)
- Prevents material contamination (separate injection tubes prevent any contaminations during processing)
- Generates cooling system (the cooling system ensures the equipment’s long processing time of up to 30 days, and the sample’s thermal degradation is prevented.)
- Secures accessibility and easy control (through one Display Controller controlling all functions with real-time tracking)

2. Filter-free Wastewater treatment
- The same technology implements strong energy that degrades toxic chemicals like PFAS including PFOA and PFOS, total organic carbon(TOC), and treats dye waste-water—which passes the genetic toxicity test—in industrial wastewater without any filters (membrane, active carbon, etc). Moreover, controllable ultrasonic frequency opens the possibility of treatment of evolving highly toxic, non-biodegradables chemicals beyond PFAS and TOC.
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
Sustainable Development Goals
Not relevant

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
1. Type of partner: company, research institute, university

2. Areas of partner’s activity
- Equipment distribution partner: The business scope includes industries and research institutions using nano-level emulsification/dispersion equipment, such as research laboratories, cosmetics, chemical processing (petrochemical), pharmaceutical companies, secondary cell batteries, specialty paints, and health functional food manufacturers.
- R&D cooperation partner: commercialization and tailor to European market of filter-free (non-biodegradable) toxic waste focused ultrasonic water treatment equipment.

3. Role of partner
- Equipment distribution partner: partners are expected to promote and perform sales and marketing of the Korean company’s product range within the specific country or region, as well as maintenance services and the supply of consumables.
- R&D cooperation partner: co-developement of industrial wastewater treatment equipments in the related fields.
Type and Size of Partner
Big companyR&D InstitutionSME 50 - 249University
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistanceResearch and development cooperation agreement

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02007024 - Nanomaterials10004001 - Industrial Water Treatment
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08003007 - Other industrial equipment and machinery08004003 - Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
Targeted countries
All countries