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Looking for a partner to complete the consortium for 'Manufacturing as a service' Horizon Europe call


Profile Type
Research & Development Request
POD Reference
Term of Validity
4 December 2023 - 3 December 2024
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Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement
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General information

Short Summary
The project goal is to propose laser microprocessing as a service using a highly reconfigurable FIAB to identify the optimum technical solution and a partner network to provide the cost effective industrial solution to the industrial customer.
Full Description
Laser microprocessing is commonly used in a large variety of markets and industries. The project will specifically target high-value and fast-growing markets, like electronics, semiconductors, photonics integrated circuits.
A large number of SMEs are providing services and selling processing tools for those markets, each of them with their own specialties in terms of technologies (laser pulse duration, emission wavelength, etc…), and it's quite difficult for industrial customer to identify the optimum technical solution and converge to the best partner for their need.
During the project, we will develop a highly reconfigurable laser tool, combining high power, large laser parameter range (from IR to deep UV emission, from kHz to MHz repetition rate, from nanosecond to femtosecond pulses, etc.), multiple axis processing (linear stages, galvoscanners, etc.), using existing technological blocks. This tool will be a “Factory In A Box” and will be used to quickly find the optimum parameters for the processing. We intend this system to be IA supported to converge quickly to the solution, based on previous processing results. With the defined solution, it will be possible to identify the best partner into a large network of SMEs building tools or proposing laser processing service. The customer will be able to make a multidimensional choice based on quality, productivity, sustainability goals, and prices.
One of the key project point is the digital architecture that enables this process.

Partners already regrouped for the project include an institute of laser processing and laser technology, a laser industrial company, a reasearch center for manufacturing and a laboratory for applied lasers and electronics.
Advantages and Innovations
The main advantage is the cost and quality optimization for the end customers

The main innovation is to apply the MaaS concept to laser micro-processing and include a technical expertise phase with the FIAB.
Stage of Development
Under development
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
IPR description
We are looking for a partner with capabilities in digital architectures for Manufacturing as a Service and able to adapt this architecture to the specificities of laser processing markets.

The technical expertise to achieve the FIAB is already OK.

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Develop a digital solution for MaaS applied to laser processing
Type and Size of Partner
Big companySME 11-49SME 50 - 249SME <=10
Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement

Call details

Framework program
Horizon Europe
Call title and identifier
Submission and evaluation scheme
Single stage
Anticipated project budget
7 Mio €
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call


Technology keywords
02002017 - Micromachining, nanomachining02003004 - Supply chain02003006 - Prototypes, trials and pilot schemes01001002 - Digital Systems, Digital Representation02003002 - Manufacturing plants networks
Market keywords
08003007 - Other industrial equipment and machinery08006001 - Process control and logistics08005 - Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
Targeted countries