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A Luxembourg-based public organisation active in EdTech seeks partnerships for digital training instrument design and technology development


Closed for EoI
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Technology request
POD Reference
Term of Validity
20 February 2024 - 19 February 2025
Company's Country
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Targeted Countries
All countries
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General information

Short Summary
The Luxembourg client works with the education, training and learning ecosystem to foster digital innovation adoption and deployment. It is active at both Lux and at EU level to provide digital technology services and media content design and production as well as acting as research infrastructure in the edTech field. The Centre seeks partnerships for digital training instrument design and technology development.
Full Description
The Luxembourg-based public organisation is an economic interest group, acting as the digital technology enabler for skill development in Luxembourg. It designs, implements and deploys innovative digital content for the local education, training, and learning ecosystem. The Centre works with partners and clients in Luxembourg and Europe.
Its missions are to:
- Develop and maintain hosting platforms
- Assist its partners to design and produce innovative digital media and content
- Provide advisory services and technical assistance to support innovation
- Carry out technology and business intelligence and dissemination activities
- provide advisory services and technical assistance to support innovation in digital learning and its implementation
- carry out technology and business intelligence as well as dissemination activities in digital learning

Sovereignty, interoperability and openness are of utmost importance, with for example the usage of open-source software, local data hosting, and standard formats.

In order to grow its network of technology providers, the Luxembourg entity is looking for technical partners and technologies that can seemlessly blend into a client project, under subcontracting agreements.

The partner companies should be located in the EU, have a ready-to-use and easily integrable technology (e.g. machine learning, AI, visualization), and have a proven track record in the EdTech sector.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 4: Quality Education
IPR description
- Expertise in the EdTech sector
- Machine learning, AI, visualization,... applied to education, learning, training
- Modular and open-source, interoperable technologies

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
- Type of partner sought: SME, companies
- Specific area of activity of the partner: EdTech sector
- Task to be performed: integrate its open-source product into Luxembourg client's projects
Type and Size of Partner
SME 50 - 249OtherSME 11-49SME <=10Big company
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Call details

Coordinator required


Technology keywords
01005006 - Visualisation, Virtual Reality11002 - Education and Training01005002 - E-Learning01003013 - Information Technology/Informatics01004014 - Serious Games
Market keywords
07005004 - Education and educational products and materials02007010 - Education software02006009 - Other computer services09003005 - Consulting services
Targeted countries
All countries