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27 February 2024 - 26 February 2025
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Short Summary
Citypassenger provides an innovative IT, Network, Telecom and Cybersecurity Software-Defined (SD) ecosystem including customer premise equipment (SRC/UTM, Wi-Fi access points), a programmable logical infrastructure and a centralized network supervision control software. This configurable and scalable solution answers to the needs of ever-increasing digital data traffic in enterprises. Our customer portfolio spans from SMEs to large companies and public bodies. Citypassenger has been focusing so
Full Description
Challenge: The importance of wireless and mobile infrastructures in terms of power consumption cannot be ignored no more, especially in a period where climate protection and energy crisis are two crucial challenges. The WECARIT project is motivated by recent innovations in domains like solar energy and batteries miniaturization and by some intrinsic features of equipments like Wi-Fi access points or 5G small cells (standalone, small form factor, implantation height…) that offering the potential to integrate these innovations in order to considerably reduce the energy footprint.
Objective: Our project intends to develop, test and validate a wireless access point with a fully autonomous energy supply. Many research innovations for energy harvesting (solar, wind) or storage (next-gen batteries) are already available for small network devices with low electric consumption such as IoT equipements. However, despites their undeniable benefits, these innovations were not yet exploited for more complex infrastructures, such as Wi-Fi networks for home, entreprises or public services.
Main actions: The project will be based on commercialy available or reseach-grade components for prototyping a Wi-Fi router autonomous in energy: solar panels, mini wind turbines, battery cells, case, antenna and wireless network card. These components will be embedded in a functionnal product that will be developed to solve energy independance and carbon neutral problems encountered in real-world scenarios. The project will address the following topics : measurement of energy balance (neutral or surpluses), « zero waste » and rare-earth preservation objectives, field of applications (e.g. domestic, small business, industries, indoor, outdoor, etc.) and verticals adressed.
Advantages and Innovations
Main outputs could be:
energy harvesting technologies, next-gen energy storage strategies, power saving electronic components, integration and demonstration as a Wi-Fi access point prototype.
Stage of Development
Lab tested
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
IPR description
- solar panel innovating company
- Mini wind turbine company
- Next-gen battery company

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- solar panel innovating company
- Mini wind turbine company
- Next-gen battery company
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SME 11-49SME <=10SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Outsourcing agreement

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06010002 - Energy for the community/public sector06007001 - Other energy production06010001 - Energy for private/domestic housing
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Renewable EnergyEnergy-Intensive Industries
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All countries