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Polish company offers software for interactive projection for interactive floor, table, and wall.


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Business Offer
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6 December 2023 - 5 December 2024
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Commercial agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
The Polish company, with an R&D background specialising in designing interactive software, is looking for partners worldwide to produce and sell interactive devices. The company offers all the building blocks needed to prepare interactive floors (and tables or walls) with content for education, amusement, and child and adult therapy. The solutions support various interaction models – the movement of the body or hands, IR pen control, QR code tiles, bouncing balls, and augmented mobile interface.
Full Description
The company is a known interactive software solution provider. It specializes in many types of interactive solutions:
- interactive floor, table, or wall,
- multiple interaction techniques in games - motion, hand, IR pen, RC vehicle, mobile UI, QR codes, IR lasers and balls bouncing,
- interactive games for events, preschool and school children, special education, rehabilitation of seniors etc.

The company offers all the building blocks you need to make interactive devices: configurable software, app store, app templates, and interactive camera boards.
Advantages and Innovations
Configurable interactive software with a built-in game store.
Interface in several languages.
Support for your language can be added at any time.
Multiple interaction techniques within one device.
Automatic and semi-automatic camera calibration.
User-friendly features: dividing the display area into several interactive workspaces,
Playlists, User profiles, High contrast mode.
Mobile app to control the software interface.
Online Help Center for App Designers, Device Makers and App Users.
Online account with Producer and Seller panels for partners.
Interactive camera board designed for multi-interactive systems (more than one interaction technique within one installation).
Supported cameras: IR cameras, camera boards, and depth cameras.
Configurable game templates enable the creation of your apps.
Customizable apps for events.
Wide range of applications (500 games and templates for different audiences with different logic and levels).
High-quality games, illustrated, with different complexity.

The solution is already on the market. Devices with our software have been in serial production on the Polish market since 2018. Over 2000 sold interactive floors at schools and kindergartens. The interactive software has been used in custom installations since 2015.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 4: Quality EducationGoal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
They are are looking for partners worldwide to produce and sell interactive devices in other markets (both EU / non-EU) based on our software and EE solutions.
They are looking for partners with ability:
- to produce interactive devices (interactive floor, table or wall),
- or configure OEM devices (interactive floor/table) for their local markets,
- and sell them under partners’ brands on their markets.

If you are a multimedia integrator for education or other sectors with an established network of sellers then introducing a new multimedia device would make your company and brand more recognized and allow you to reach new markets.

The company offers:
- technological software support,
- interactive camera boards,
- prototypes of devices,
- extra software licences for your showroom,
- adjusted game start set,
- language localization,
- online cockpits to manage device models, licenses and app sales.
- adjusted payment model for your clients: one-time or subscription.
- web page schema for presenting&promoting your device for your adaptation
Type and Size of Partner
OtherBig companySME 50 - 249SME <=10SME 11-49R&D InstitutionUniversity
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

Call details

Coordinator required


Technology keywords
01005006 - Visualisation, Virtual Reality
Market keywords
02002003 - Graphics software02002008 - 3D02007010 - Education software005001002 - Medical imaging
Targeted countries
All countries