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A Polish inventor has developed a resin lacquer mixture and seeks partners for R+D and commercialization.


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Research & Development Request
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8 December 2023 - 7 December 2024
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Research and development cooperation agreement
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General information

Short Summary
A resin lacquer mixture has been developed by a Polish inventor, which could be used for
painting, impregnating, gluing, preserving, and bonding various types of substrates that require maintaining their plasticity and are exposed to atmospheric conditions and/or mechanical damages. A inventor is looking for a partner that would foster further R+D works/and commercialization of the mixture.
Full Description
The resin lacquer mixture and the technique of its application were invented by a creator, which was a result of a 30 years of work. The mixture is primarily characterized by containing at least one binder and a hardener. The binder is a reactive lacquer, specifically acrylic resin. The hardening agent additive is selected in such a way as to fit the binder in order to achieve hardening, for example, through a cross-linking.
The mixture is used for coating of various types of surfaces that require protection and/or preservation and/or bonding with another material substrate, while also needing to maintain their flexibility, such as leather or veneer, as well as resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions.
The mixture can also be used for preserving and protecting various surfaces and objects made of stone, such as sandstone, which is highly susceptible to weather conditions, as well as metal, wood, or plastic surfaces.
It is also used for impregnation and bonding of various materials that require the preservation of their original structure and integrity, such as natural silk application on the skin or wood. The mixture can be used to create unique, perfectly smooth and transparent surfaces, thus influencing their aesthetics and functionality. For example, in the area of visual art, design or upcycling.
The developed mixture is resistant to weather conditions, which makes it suitable for outdoor use, such as protecting external advertising, as well as in the equipment of yachts, airplanes, cars, and various means of transportation requiring resistance to variable weather conditions.
In the case of technical textiles previously only used in the industry in their hardened epoxy version, this mixture and its application technique have allowed for the creation of a range of new products and their use.
Currently, an inventor seeks partners for R+D and commercialization.
Advantages and Innovations
The lacquers used in various industrial sectors often require new technical improvements, especially for flexible surfaces such as textiles or leather. After applying such lacquer available on the market to these materials, they harden, becoming susceptible to mechanical damage and destruction caused by weather conditions. There are also techniques for protecting flexible materials by applying a film to them, which unfortunately quickly becomes damaged.
The developed resin lacquer mixture provides full plasticization of materials and resistance to atmospheric conditions, including UV radiation and water. This is an innovative solution that allows the use of materials that have previously been used only either in a hardened form or becoming degradable.
The innovation of this mixture also lies in the fact that it not only protects the surface but also bonds different materials together, preserving their original characteristics and adding new technical properties, thus gaining new areas of use.
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and ProductionGoal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
An inventor is looking for a partner, ideally from industry sector, that would foster further R&D works on developed mixture, and its application technique. Any entity that is interested in applications that will extent a lifespan of various surfaces, while preserving their original characteristics and adding new technical properties is welcome to became a partner. The main idea of cooperation should be R+D and commercialization of the mixture.
Type and Size of Partner
Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement

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Support to innovation
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Partner is sought for R+D and commercialization of the mixture
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09004008 - Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
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