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A Polish SME from ICT sector seeks distributors of 3D printers for educational purposes


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29 November 2023 - 28 November 2024
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General information

Short Summary
A Polish SME with over 35 years’ market experience specializes in distribution of modern educational systems such as interactive boards and monitors, interactive educational software, 3D scanners, experimental laboratories and equipment for videoconferences. The company offers 3D printers with relevant software and materials for educational purposes. The trade partners (distributors) are sought worldwide to conclude distribution services agreements.
Full Description
This Polish company located in the centre of the country was established in 1987. It is registered as a VAD (value added distributor), wholesaler and retailer of office machinery and equipment. The company specializes in modern systems for communication and became a pioneer in the domain of dissemination of solutions AV (Audio-Video) in the country. Its portfolio comprises software and equipment mainly for schools, business and universities: interactive boards (electromagnetic and IR (Infra Red)), interactive monitors, OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) computers, 3D printers and scanners, laptops, terminals and accessories.
The largest part of the offer is dedicated to education – the company was one of the first to introduce interactive boards into schools and thus contributed to the modernization of the educational offer. They also offer substantive assistance to their clients - they conduct many workshops and trainings during which they present teachers how to use their products to turn a traditional lesson into an engaging experience. Circa 40 000 of interactive boards were sold during over a dozen years via the network of resellers.
In view of further expansion the company is looking for new trade partners (distributors). The Polish company offers a certain amount of 3D printers for sale.
Robo E3 and Robo E3 Pro 3D printers from Boxlight are designed for education – they are safe, intelligent, and easy to use. Robo E3 model features a build platform with dimensions of 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm. The more advanced Robo E3 Pro model has a larger build platform with dimensions of 250 mm x 280 mm x 300 mm and offers the ability to print with over 30 materials, such as PLA, ABS, Elastic, PVA, HIPS, PET-G, TPE, TPU, Conductive, Flexible, Wood Filled, Material-Filled, PP, PA, PC, ASA, Carbon Fiber.
Project files for printing can be transmitted wirelessly via WiFi, by USB drive or by connecting the printer to a network cable. The heated build platform improves the quality of each print and prevents distortion of printed elements. The Robo E3 features automatic build platform leveling and the ability to easily change nozzle without additional tools. The enclosed design and HEPA filter ensure greater safety.
The Robo Cloud software allows for the addition of multiple 3D printers, modification of printing settings, queuing multiple prints, and viewing the entire print history. RoboPrint is intuitive software for installation on a computer, enabling the preparation, management, and modification of printing settings.
The company offers full marketing and technical support, with the desire to a long term business commitment to provide partners with products. The distribution services agreement is envisaged.
Advantages and Innovations
During over 35 years of activity in the Polish market the company gained a stable position as a VAD (Value Added Distributor), leader in its branch and partner of many world brands. The company runs a service centre for the offered equipment.
The company has been awarded many times for its sales success, promoting new trends and educational activities in the field of using technologies.
The company has a developed national network of partners (authorised resellers) with long term agreements.
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 4: Quality Education

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Type of potential partner: trade companies or individual traders, wholesalers and retailers from ICT sector with well-established contacts with educational entities.
Role of potential partner: to deliver the products offered by the Polish company to their respective regional and national markets.
The company is looking for the right business partner who would be trustworthy and understand the style of cooperation based on common growth and development.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49SME 50 - 249UniversitySME <=10
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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02007010 - Education software02003 - Specialised Turnkey Systems
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