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Polish sweater manufacturer is looking for a sales agent for women's sweaters


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Business Offer
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8 December 2023 - 7 December 2024
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Commercial agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
A Polish garment manufacturer offers women's sweaters made by hand from designer, from a good quality fine yarn blend with pile. The owner uses organic products based on sustainable fashion in the concept of zero waste. The company is looking for an intermediary agent in the European Union to actively sell the products
Full Description
The company has specialized in sweater production since 2010. It is a small local manufactory, located in the northeastern part of the country, where each sweater is produced by hand, which ensures the uniqueness of the offered products. For the production of sweaters, the company uses Polish mixed yarn, thin with bristles. The sweaters are tailor-made, so the owner does not generate unnecessary material waste. The yarn from which the sweaters are produced is very light and therefore efficient. It is a high quality product, as the owner is an experienced Polish designer. During the production of both the yarn and sweaters, the company works on the basis of sustainable fashion, as all raw materials used in production are used to the end.
The company also offers other products in the women's clothing category, such as t-shirts, dresses and accessories. However, the company's main business is focused on the production of sweaters.
Clothes are produced in several sizes, every customer will find something suitable for herself.
The company will cooperate with trade intermediaries on the basis of a trade agreement in European Union countries. Establishing international cooperation will allow the company to attract new customers and develop its business. The owner would like to reach with her unique products to designer stores, boutiques, where her private label will be appreciated
Advantages and Innovations
- High quality, handmade products,
- eco-friendly ingredients (fine hair blends)
- unique designs,
- sustainable products
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Brokering product sales
Type and Size of Partner
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

Call details

Coordinator required


Market keywords
09004003 - Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Targeted countries
All countries