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Processed agricultural by-products as animal bedding and ingredients of complete cattle feed mixtures, processing biomass into fuel


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1 December 2023 - 30 November 2024
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Processed agricultural by-products
Full Description
The company is located in the north-east of Slovenia in Lenart near Maribor. It is a development-technological and research company that carries out its activities in the field of feed production, the development of feed mixtures and the processing of agricultural residues and other (wood)biomass into technologically complex products that can be used for agricultural (bedding and mulch material) and heating purposes (wood crisps, firewood)). In all areas, the company's activities focus on new products or the improvement of existing technological processes and products, environmental protection and circular economy.

Three of the company's main products, developed in collaboration with other experts on the basis of scientific data, precise calculations and several years of testing, are chopped and dust-free wheat straw and complete feed mixtures for calves before weaning (up to 120 kg weight) and after weaning (120 to 250 kg).
• Chopped and dust-free straw is a natural product in which dry, mould-free wheat straw is ground and cut into short pieces 2-3 cm long, from which the dust is then removed using special suction methods. The straw is then compressed and packed into 8 or 20 kg cubes/balls using special packing machines. Chopped and dust-free straw can be used in a variety of applications, including as a bedding material in chicken, horse and pig farming, as an ingredient in animal feed mixtures and as a mulch material in the garden. This product has been on the market since 2015 and it is the only product of its kind in Slovenia and one of the few products in Central, South and Southeast Europe.
• Both feed mixtures for calves are homogeneous and complete. As such, they provide all the necessary nutrients, energy and fibre and do not require any components other than fresh drinking water. The voluminous/fibre component in both feed mixtures is chopped and dust-free wheat straw mixed with other components (whole or ground maize, barley, soybeans, molasses, vitamins and minerals) in total mixed rations (TMR) suitable for specific animal categories. The mixture is compromised and packed in 8 or 20 kg cubes/balls, which have a shelf life of 3 months, taking into account the storage conditions (dry and ventilated place, protected from direct sunlight, rodents, etc.). It is not necessary to limit intake as the mixtures contain voluminous feed. Both products are one of the few complete feed mixtures on the market in Central, Southern and South-Eastern Europe that contain dry voluminous/fibrous feed.

The company's expertise or "know-how" has been acquired through the company's business strategy, which is based on its own development and research projects and uses networking with other professional, scientific and research bodies (faculties, institutes, companies, etc.). The company has successfully implemented and commercialised several development projects, including a fully automated process line for the production of feed mixtures and other products, as well as the processing of agricultural by-products (straw), for which the company also owns two patents registered with the Intellectual Property Office in Slovenia.

Our products are already present in the local market and in the market of some European countries, but we would like to introduce them all over Europe and therefore we need a good commercial representative and distributor who can introduce us to new consumers and communication tools that will enable us to develop new solutions for the successful marketing of our products. The type of cooperation we are looking for should therefore have expertise in marketing, sales and distribution, but also (not necessary, but desirable) expertise in agriculture (and heating) due to the characteristics of our products. The desired outcome of the partnership is mutual benefit, market entry and also market maintenance, increased sales, higher visibility and customer confidence for both partners.
Advantages and Innovations
The company produces chopped and dust-free straw, which has been on the market since 2015. It is the only product of its kind in Slovenia and one of the few products in Central, South and Southeast Europe. Farmers, breeders and customers from Germany, Italy and Austria are particularly interested in this Slovenian product as a bedding material, as it has high absorbency and lasts longer than other common bedding materials (wheat or barley straw) or bedding materials from competing companies on the market (wood shavings). Chopped and dust-free straw does not contain dust or other contaminants and provides a cleaner environment for animals and farmers, so there is also less respiratory disease. The product is natural, without any additives and its practical packaging allows for easy storage and use.
Both feed mixtures for pre- and post-weaning calves produced by the costumer’s company have been on the market since 2021 and are among the few complete feed mixtures on the market in Central, Southern and South-Eastern Europe that contain dry voluminous/fibrous feed. Many Slovenian and European competitors produce supplementary feed mixtures for cattle that contain only the vitamins and minerals or other components and require the addition of voluminous forage/fibrous feed or other components. The customer feed mix for calves, on the other hand, contains all the components and, if fed correctly, covers all the animals' needs. Due to its packaging, it is easier to storage it for a longer period of time than competitors' feed mixtures in bags. Through the innovative addition of chopped and dust-free straw as source voluminous feed, the customers' feed mixtures stimulate the function of the rumen and increase its volume, stimulate the development of the rumen villi, resulting in higher consumption and production.
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Already on the market
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The company is looking for partners who will enable us to market and
distribute our products intended for the agricultural sector (mainly
animal husbandry (production of feed and bedding material) and
horticulture (production of mulch material)) and for heating purposes
(production of biomass such as wood crisps, firewood). It is not
necessary that the professionals sought are also specialists in the
areas mentioned, but it is nevertheless desirable. However, they
should have expertise in marketing, commercial representation and
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SME <=10Big companySME 11-49SME 50 - 249UniversityR&D Institution
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